By now you’ve seen the original Vine, as well as some inevitable memes and, if you’ve been following The Post’s exhaustive coverage, you’ve also read the oral history of Kirk Cousins’s now-iconic moment. It’s safe to say of his post-game outburst that, yes, you do like that.

So, exactly how much do you like that? Enough to spring for a T-shirt? Would it help to know that proceeds benefit an international charitable organization?

Yup, that design seems to properly match the in-your-face tone of Cousins’s comments. Most renderings of the phrase employ at least one exclamation point — and some add a question mark, indicating lingering confusion over whether the quarterback was asking if folks in the FedEx Field tunnel liked his performance, or if he was pointedly telling them they did — but the all-caps effectively reflects the urgency of Cousins’s phrasing.

At the Web site, where customers can order the T-shirt in the style shown above or a women’s version, or opt for a black hoodie with a similar logo, Cousins is cited as the source of this encouragement:

“Celebrate the team making history and help raise money for International Justice Mission to support ending violence and oppression of the poor worldwide.”

Perhaps the thing to like the most is that the Redskins themselves don’t appear to be making any money off of this arrangement. Just be advised that a minimum number of shirts need to be ordered before they start being produced, so it may be a while before you get one — but there’s no way this thing becomes played-out anytime soon, right?