If you’re looking for a new way to turn up at the Verizon Center, you’re in luck.

The arena has struck a deal for this season with Medea Vodka to feature table service in all luxury suites that will present the company’s new LED-message band bottle, customizable via Apple’s iBeacon Bluetooth technology.

Let’s be clear: This Bluetooth thing is all about zinging your friends, because the bottles work within 100 yards of your phone. The preloaded messages are all routine: “HAPPY NEW YEAR,” “HAPPY HOLIDAYS,” “CONGRATULATIONS,” “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY,” “HAPPY BIRTHDAY,” “I LOVE YOU” – you get the idea. However, you’re also able to load customized messages up to 99 characters.

Which means fun phrases like, I don’t know, “YOU LIKE THAT? YOU LIKE THAT!” fit with ease, even with multiple question marks and exclamation points. Other sentences that work: “I SET MY ALARM FOR P.M., NOT A.M. SORRY, COACH.” Or, “RUN THAT OUT.”

The booze is an ultra-premium vodka, distilled in Schiedam, Holland. It won a gold medal at the 2015 Los Angeles International Spirits competition and also took home awards at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition for both taste and package design. “The juice inside is pretty good, too,” one brand representative joked when they came to The Washington Post newsroom to demonstrate the product, which, by the way, is quite easy to use.

You download the app, sign up for a profile, either through Facebook or e-mail, then boom, you’re ready to start broadcasting messages. Trust us, it’s as fun as it sounds. Here’s Fancy Stats blogger Neil Greenberg, of Stats vs. Cats fame, seriously committing to the bit.

And, of course, we couldn’t leave out Dan Steinberg.

We look forward to many more Vines from above Gallery Place of folks sending goofy messages to their very important, very thirsty friends. The bottles will retail in the suites for $105 beginning this weekend and Medea will also have a dedicated concession stand in Section 432. It’s the first time the company has teamed up with a sporting venue.

The band will scroll for 45 minutes before turning off automatically, but the entire life of the LED display is nearly a full day, meaning one bottle is quite literally designed for hours of fun. And that’s before you even open it.