If DeSean Jackson makes it back onto a football field in the NFL this season, he’ll be doing it in style. You might notice something different about his shoes. He’ll be debuting his new signature “DJX speed cleats” that you’ll be able to easily recognize from the bright blue bottom soles. They were designed by Brandblack, a company that previously made only basketball shoes, as part of Jackson becoming the “face of training” for the company in 2016.

“I’m very excited to be a part of the Brandblack family. Their products are a true crossover of cutting edge street style and high performance sportswear. This isn’t your average brand, it’s for those who like to stand out from the rest. It’s a perfect fit for me and I am excited about my future with this forward thinking company,” Jackson said in a press release. “Our mantra is ‘look good winning.”

Of course, you have to be playing to look good doing it.

Jackson is doing more than just showing up to model, however. He was part of the design of the shoe, which was specifically built for his feet, according to Brandblack’s David Raysse. “It’s a mid-cut speed cleat, something no one has done before. We start with high strength thermo-plastic for the cleats. This allows us to create a very strong yet light-weight cleat that allows DeSean to explode off the line and make extreme lateral cuts without losing a step. The upper is a fused ultra light yet super strong composite with parametric molding,” he said.

As for the rest of the clothing line, it kind of looks like Nike Performance meets Kanye West. The lookbook features a lot of leggings under shorts, paired with widefit jackets that sometimes come across more like capes than coats. This is very on-brand if you’re heading from that morning yoga or crossfit session to the turnup brunch while listening to The Weeknd and don’t feel like going home to change first.

The cleats are just the beginning, though, for Jackson, who recently welcomed a son to the world. “We can’t wait to present the DJX footwear & apparel collections releasing in 2016,” he said.

The new trainers will retail at $110.