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Announcement: I’m officially changing my position on Larry Michael’s weekly prediction of Redskins glory. I believe I’ve previously argued that this bit is a symptom of Redskins organizational myopia, of group think in Ashburn, of believing that the team is closer to success than it actually is.

But the past week convinced me, instead, that this is all just a dash of fun. Kind of like jokingly suggesting a team should skip over an entire week of preparation and instead focus all its resources on the next week’s opponent. Sports is entertainment, and sports coverage is entertainment, and if you don’t find entertainment in a team’s senior vice president donning a giant burgundy hand and judging a game only on the basis of “Skintangibles,” then you need to re-calibrate your fun meter. Maybe.

Michael had warned me on Wednesday that I’d want to make sure to watch his Friday predictions this week. He wasn’t wrong.

“We’ve switched things around a little bit, folks,” he began. “All week people have come up to me and said ‘How are you gonna do it? How are you gonna ‘Check it Out’ with the Redskins and Patriots? How are you gonna justify it this week?’

“And you know what, everybody knows, I come to Redskins  Park every day. The studio’s at Redskins Park. I work for the Redskins. And because of that, I see this football team every single day. I see the guys at lunch, I see them when I leave, I see them as soon as I get here. And this is a football team that thinks they can go to New England and beat the Patriots.

“Yeah, the Patriots are unbeaten. Of course. Give them respect. Defending Super Bowl champions. Great home record. But don’t discount the heart of this football team. They know how important this game is. They want to get to .500. And they believe they can do it. Why not us, is their cry.

“So, I’m going to bring out the big guns,” Michael concluded. “Only intangibles. And it’s the Redskins [who are] going to win the ballgame. You can pick the score yourself, Tarik El-Bashir. I know what you’re going to do. But I’m taking the Redskins.”

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