Prepare your pith, the Atlantic 11 is back.

For the uninitiated, the Atlantic 11 is a weekly ranking of the top 11 men’s basketball teams from among the 27 Division I men’s basketball programs in D.C., Maryland and Virginia, as determined by a loyal contingent of voters. Each week’s poll also includes a healthy dose of team-specific, pithy comments, submitted by said voters. Some of the comments might even merit a chuckle. (See last year’s final poll for some examples. Virginia’s deliberate pace was a popular target of mockery.)

The requirements to be a voter are time to fill out a weekly poll through March (if you have to skip a week here and there, no biggie) and a pledge to be objective. The poll is all in good fun, but Towson should probably not be receiving any first-place votes in Week 1.

In addition to keeping cursory tabs on how Norfolk State is faring in the MEAC and ranking the top 11 teams each week, you’re also invited to submit pith, but that part is entirely optional.

Sound fun? If you’re interested in being a voter and haven’t already received an e-mail from me, or if you have any questions about the poll, e-mail me. Also, follow us on Twitter, if you’re so inclined.