For Atlantic 11 fans, voters and followers, it doesn’t get much better than last week. (That’s not to say you’ll agree with this week’s ranking of the top 11 teams among the 27 schools in D.C., Maryland and Virginia with Division I basketball programs, but the past seven days sure were fun.)

The week began with George Washington’s upset of Virginia at Smith Center and ended with the Cavaliers winning the Charleston Classic title against George Mason, which made a surprising run to the championship game. In between, Maryland rallied to beat Georgetown in a thriller and the Hoyas and VCU went head-to-head with traditional powerhouses Wisconsin and Duke.

Maryland remained atop the poll with 49 of the 59 first-place votes. Virginia received six first-place votes and edged George Washington for the No. 2 spot, despite its loss to the Colonials.

Georgetown and VCU traded places at No. 4 and No. 5 after the Hoyas looked nothing like the team that lost to Radford in narrow losses to Maryland and Duke. George Mason was the biggest mover of the week, jumping into the poll at No. 9 following wins over Ole Miss and Oklahoma State, while Richmond moved up three spots to No. 7.

To the pith …

1. Maryland (3-0, 0-0 Big Ten) 569 points (49 first-place votes) (Last Week: 1)
Next: Tuesday vs. Illinois State, Wednesday vs. Rhode Island or TCU, Saturday vs. Cleveland State

Pre-game plan of playing “Riders on the Storm” nearly backfired on Coach Turgeon. (Alan Van Grack)

After Rasheed’s clutch shots against Georgetown and Rider, Maryland band quickly learning the Neil Diamond hit “Soolaimon.” (The I-Train)

Looks like someone had a little case of the Georgetowns against Rider. (Matt Bonesteel)

Rasheed Suliamon proved he’s going to be a good Terp, both by his play on the court and by his ability to troll Duke fans. (Brian Hoysa)

Rasheed Sulaimon just called Maryland fans “the best in the world,” which should endear him to the fan base almost as much as if he had said “Randy Edsall is a terrible football coach.” (Sean McLernon)

Terps athletic department has reached agreement with Milwaukee Bucks for Greivis Vasquez to show up for last five minutes of close games. (Michael Freeman)

The Terps’ 3-0 start is as about as convincing as Kevin Anderson will be when introducing whichever MAC football coach he hires next week. (Joey Flyntz)

After their win over Georgetown, Mark Turgeon said, “It was great to play a local DMV team. Local rivalries always bring out the best in us. That’s why we’ve decided to re-schedule Mt. St. Mary’s for next year.” (Jared Kotler)

2. Virginia (4-1, 0-0 ACC) 490 points (6) (LW: 2)
Next: Wednesday vs. Lehigh

Just below George Washington and way above George Mason. That accurately describes the historical significance of Thomas Jefferson and the current state of his university’s basketball team. (Jake Leffler)

The Hoos responded to their unsuccessful encounter with George Washington with three resounding victories, which can be best described as a reverse-King George III. (Sean McLernon)

Virginia, thrashed by GW’s Argentinian and Japanese forwards, now busy recalling all 6-foot-5 and taller students studying abroad. (Adam Anthony)

After GW loss, UVA petitioned to have the five seconds re-added to the shot clock. (Alan Van Grack)

Virginia averaged 84 points a game at the Charleston Classic; their slow down offense doesn’t seem to be working. (Mike Doughten)

The last time that a Virginia- based team bounced back from a loss in Washington and had some gains in Charleston was probably the Battle of Fort Sumter. (The I-Train)

The Wahoos are averaging over 81 points per game. The fans are starting to suspect that Tony Bennett has secretly been replaced by Paul Westhead. (Grant Kronenberg)

Loss to GW makes them tourney tough, which is good because they weren’t challenged at all in winning the Charleston Classic. Silver linings. (Brian Hoysa)

3. George Washington (4-0, 0-0 A10) 474 points (3) (LW: 3)
Next: Tuesday vs. Gardner-Webb, Friday vs. Tennessee, Saturday vs. Cincinnati or Nebraska

George Washington beat Army. I always knew he would stab this nation in the back one day. (Grant Kronenberg)

There hasn’t been this much excitement about GW since those five seconds George W. Bush was a popular president. (Matt Bonesteel)

The Army vs. George Washington game sounds more like the lawsuit stemming from that brutal, brutal winter at Valley Forge. (Adam Anthony)

Has already beaten Lafayette, Virginia, and Army this season. Party like it is 1776. (Paul Frampton)

Top three scorers Garino, Larsen and Cavanaugh are a future law firm whose commercials you’ll see mid-day. (James Schneider)

Monday’s game reminded me of those classic pick-up games between Washington and Jefferson in the late ’70s. Epics, every one. (David Wilson)

George Washington: Ruining local top-10 teams’ holidays since … basically every BB&T tournament ever. (Joey Flyntz)

GW students were so excited after the game against Virginia that they rushed the court, rebuking all the critics that say Virginia plays boring basketball. (Sean McLernon)

4. Georgetown (1-3, 0-0 Big East) 334 points (LW: 5)
Saturday vs. Bryant

The Hoyas are much better than their 1-3 record, which will be reflected when they only lose to an 11 seed in March. (Joey Flyntz)

The early-season losses are all part of Georgetown’s grand plan to do better in the NCAA Tournament by securing a lower seed. (Sean McLernon)

The Hoyas’ new motto: We lose close to Top 5 teams. We lose close to Radford. (Grant Kronenberg)

When do St Leo’s and Hawaii-Hilo come to town? (Paul Frampton)

Maybe if the President or Vice President had shown up to Madison Square Garden, the Hoyas would have put up more of a fight in the second half. (The I-Train)

Hoyas may have lost to Maryland, but I’ll still take Air Jordans over Under Armour basketball shoes any day. (Brian Hoysa)

Yes, we’re all impressed by this “best 1-3 team in the country.” But just wait until March — Georgetown has its sights on being the best NIT team in the country. (Kangy Gareaux)

And now we know why the Hoyas used to stock that early season schedule with the likes of Fairfield, Belmont, Jacksonville and Winston-Salem. (John Taylor)

If only Otto Porter knew rapidly crushing the Bucks would cause his Hoyas to drop to 0-2 as Greivis Vasquez made it to Xfinity Center to cheer his Terps to a come from behind win. (Russell Meyer)

They lost to top-five teams this week, so that feels like an improvement. (Alex Knobel)

Georgetown looked pretty strong against Maryland. In time, I could see the Hoyas’ program rising to the level of, say, a Radford. (Alex Kirshner)

5. VCU (2-2, 0-0 A10) 319 points (LW: 4)
Next: Wednesday vs. American, Saturday vs. No. 8 Old Dominion

VCU loses the 2015 national title game in a two-part special. (Will Mannon)

After Duke took down both VCU and Georgetown this week, Grayson Allen has earned “Most Hated Opposing Player for Atlantic 11” title to go along with “Most Hated Duke Player for 2015-2016.” (The I-Train)

Rams in pitched battle with Georgetown for top spot in the Atlantic lose-close-games-to-good-teams (Michael Freeman)

When you’ve got a win against Radford on your resume, you can afford a loss to pesky little Wisconsin. (Kangy Gareaux)

Adding insult to injury after losing two games at Madison Square Garden, VCU experienced an entirely new level of havoc when they encountered Times Square Elmos. (Sean McLernon)

6. William & Mary (3-1, 0-0 CAA) 232 points (LW: 6)
Next: Wednesday vs. Hampton, Saturday at Howard

Word on the street is that the NCAA is investigating William and Mary’s basketball team for lowering academic standards to now accept National Honor Society Semifinalists. (Freeman Thompson)

Off to an excellent start. This team has everything it needs to lose in the CAA Championship Game. (Joey Flyntz)

After big win over Washington Adventist this week, William & Mary looking to play other area hospitals — Sibley Hospital’s maternity ward is up next. (The I-Train)

W&M is off to a hot start, dozens of students taking notice. (Brian Hoysa)

William & Mary opened the season with three straight wins, which is three more than they will win in this, or any, year’s NCAA Tournament. (Joe Pope)

Tribe has played Liberty and Washington Adventist. Presbyterian, Catholic, Southern Methodist and Cal-Lutheran were busy, I’m guessing? (Matt Bonesteel)

The Tribe look like strong contenders to win the Colonial Athletic Association this season and the low No. 16 seed likely to come with it, so it’s probably good that they got a chance to experience what it’s like to play in Dayton. (Sean McLernon)

7. Richmond (3-1, 0-0 A10) 204 points (LW: 10)
Next: Thursday vs. West Virginia, Friday vs. California or San Diego State

Spiders invade Vegas this Thanksgiving. Richmond basketball or straight-to-cable thriller? (Brian Hoysa)

The DMV hasn’t been this excited about a guy named Terry Allen since 1996. (Matt Bonesteel)

The Spiders have averaged 96 points in their last three games, enough to scare opposing defenses away from their respective tuffets.(Sean McLernon)

With their win over Wake Forest this week, the Spiders basketball team now has as many ACC wins this season as UVA football. (Numbers approximate.) (Jake Leffler)

8. Old Dominion (3-2, 0-0 CUSA) 131 points (LW: 7)
Next: Saturday at No. 5 VCU

Some teams go to tropical places like Cancun and Puerto Rico for early season tournaments. ODU had to go to Connecticut. That’s enough to win my sympathy vote. (Sean McLernon)

Don’t worry, Monarchs, everyone eventually loses at the Mohegan Sun. (Matt Bonesteel)

9. George Mason (2-3, 0-0 A10) 122 points (LW: NR)
Next: Wednesday at Manhattan, Saturday vs. Wright State

Lost to Colgate and Mercer. Beat Mississippi and Oklahoma State. Care to show your work on that, Patriots? (Matt Bonesteel)

Will wins over Oklahoma State and Ole Miss be enough to get them into the BCS playoff? They better hope so, because that’s the only postseason tournament they have a chance at making. (Kangy Gareaux)

Mason would be more competitive in a Power 5 conference. (Nick Andrews)

Mason and Tech made the top 11, perhaps we should expand the borders to include Pennsylvania and West Virginia. (Mike Doughten)

Thanks, Virginia, for not covering the 19-point spread. My new daughter Charlotte’s 529 just got a nice new deposit. (Tom Block)

10. Radford (3-2, 0-0 Big South) 100 points (LW: 10)
Next: Tuesday at Penn State

Radford gets my automatic No. 10 vote until I forget they beat Georgetown. So, probably two or three more weeks. (Mike Dean)

Among the scoring leaders for the Highlanders this season is Ed Polite Jr., who seems destined for a career in children’s etiquette education if this whole basketball thing doesn’t work out. (Sean McLernon)

11. Virginia Tech (2-1, 0-0 ACC) 58 points (LW: 11)
Next: Tuesday vs. North Carolina A&T, Friday vs. Iowa State, Saturday vs. UAB or Illinois

Alabama St., Jacksonville St., VMI, and NC A&T next. Did Virginia Tech drop down to Division II? (Mike Doughten)

The Hokies’ win over VMI solidifies their position as at least the 13th best Division I men’s basketball team in Virginia. (Sean McLernon)

Do I think that they are the 10th best team in the A11 this week? No. Did I vote them here anyway just to juice their point total so that we can shoe-horn in some Beamer Pith. Yes! (Jake Leffler)

With Beamer gone, Hokies hoops team hopes more attention is diverted to their “special team.” (Matt Bonesteel)

With Seth Allen playing for the Hokies now and Carter and Sulaimon playing for the Terps, Maryland “just can’t quit” the ACC. (The I-Train)

Also receiving votes: JMU 50, Mount St. Mary’s 21, Hampton 20, Liberty 18, American 16, Loyola 4, Coppin State 3, Longwood 3, Navy 3, Norfolk State 3, Towson 3, Morgan State 2, UMBC 1.

Dropped Out: JMU