The biggest challenge to Maryland’s three-week run atop the Atlantic 11 — a non-scientific, sometimes humorous reader poll of the top 11 teams among the 27 schools with Division I basketball programs in D.C., Maryland and Virginia — comes Tuesday, when the Terps visit former ACC nemesis North Carolina.

For now, Maryland, fresh off a Cancun Challenge title before Thanksgiving and a win over Cleveland State, remains comfortably ahead of No. 2 Virginia, with 51 of 59 first-place votes. The Cavaliers and No. 3 George Washington are poised to rise should the Terps falter, while No. 4 Georgetown could be in position to finally get over .500 when the Hoyas host former Big East rival Syracuse on Saturday.

VCU remains No. 5 in this week’s poll. Richmond moved up a spot to No. 6 after upsetting Cal in Las Vegas and William & Mary dropped a spot to No. 7 after blowing a 19-point lead at Howard. Intra-Atlantic 11 games are wild, I tell you. Radford was the week’s biggest mover, jumping from No. 10 to No. 8 after beating Penn State. (The Nittany Lions aren’t any good, but then neither is most of the Atlantic 11 competition.)

To the pith…

1. Maryland (6-0, 0-0 Big Ten) 580 points (51 first-place votes) (Last Week: 1)
Next: Tuesday at North Carolina, Friday vs. St. Francis (Pa.)

Terps won the Cancun Challenge, but escaping the 90-minute timeshare presentation afterwards was the real victory. (Adam Anthony)

Maryland faces old rival North Carolina this week in the Dean Dome. Forecast calls for an exorbitant amount of “ACC” chants. (Joe Pope)

The move to the Big Ten has created an odd circumstance in which the Terps are getting major contributions from two former ACC players that used to torch them. Tuesday’s UNC game should be a good opportunity to scout 2018 backcourt options. (Joey Flyntz)

I took a personal time out before making this pick just to further enrage Rhode Island coach Dan Hurley. (Michael Freeman)

Maryland should be good until they start league play. Oh wait, they are no longer in the ACC. To restate Maryland should be good until their ACC Big 10 Challenge game. (Mike Green)

Maryland wrapped up its non-conference slate with a win over Cleveland State and now prepares for its ACC opener against UNC … oh wait. (Jared Kotler)

After Maryland demolished URI, Dan Hurley and Mark Turgeon had words until they realized neither had to pick up the tab at the Hard Rock’s open bar. (Russell Meyer)

Beat a Cleveland State team this weekend whose existence is proof that kids these days are really bad at geography. Cleveland is a city. (Chris Olson)

The Terps are about to get a reminder of what it’s like to play in the ACC when they go down to Chapel Hill to play UNC and they have a mandatory meal at a Waffle House. (Sean McLernon)

2. Virginia (5-1, 0-0 ACC) 515 points (5) (LW: 2)
Next: Tuesday at Ohio State, Saturday vs. William & Mary

AD Craig Littlepage is currently performing extensive genealogical research to determine if Tony Bennett has a long-lost twin brother who would be interested in coaching a college football team. (Grant Kronenberg)

There’s a good chance that Virginia AD Craig Litlepage will try to get Tony Bennett to coach both the U-Va. men’s basketball and football teams, and I’m not convinced that it’s not a good idea. (Sean McLernon)

The Cavaliers play the Buckeyes in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge on Tuesday. “The University” vs. “THE Ohio State University.” (Grant Kronenberg)

Virginia missed an opportunity to expand support on campus. Perfect opportunity to wear seersucker uniforms in the Charleston Classic. Need that crucial preppy demo. (Paul Clifton)

Can Tony Bennett coach football? Because they’re out of ideas in Charlottesville. (Chris Olson)

Well, the Cavs keep exceeding 80 points. And now we have nothing funny to say. We can’t even force Mike London jokes in here anymore. Want to kick my dog, too? (Joey Flyntz)

3. George Washington (6-1, 0-0 A10) 464 points (3) (LW: 3)
Next: Wednesday vs. Seton Hall

Beat Gardner-Webb in the quarterfinals of the “Best GW” tournament. In the other matches, Gene Wilder squeezed by George Wendt, Grant Wood shellacked George Will, and Nintendo’s Game & Watch outplayed the “Grapes of Wrath.” (Max Wasserman)

I told you that “Girls” bus tour of Brooklyn was a horrible idea, Mike Lonergan. (Matt Bonesteel)

In retrospect, maybe a little sleep before Brooklyn would’ve been advisable. Like at least a power nap. (Kangy Gareaux)

Wednesday’s matchup with Seton Hall will be the Colonials vs. the Pirates, which would be an ideal time for a nautical Revolutionary War themed bobblehead night. (Brian Hoysa)

If GW beat Gardner Webb on a Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. does the game even count? (Jared Kotler)

Yet another team of Patriots that can’t win them all. (Chris Olson)

4. Georgetown (2-3, 0-0 Big East) 362 points (LW: 4)
Next: Tuesday vs. UMES, Saturday vs. Syracuse

If the city is going to get this excited over a 5-6 NFL team, why can’t D.C. also own the mantle for best 2-3 college basketball team? (Michael Hoffman)

There will be more orange at Verizon Center on Saturday than at a “Jersey Shore” reunion. (Matt Bonesteel)

They’re 2-3, but it’s a dry 2-3. (Max Wasserman)

Are we really supposed to get excited over a win over Bryant? Everyone knows that it’s Greg who has the best jumpshot in the Gumbel family. (Kangy Gareaux)

The Verizon Center will be feeling like the MCI Center with former Big East foes Georgetown and Syracuse meeting on Saturday. (Brian Hoysa)

Big win over Bryant sets table for A11 rivalry game with UMES. Oh yeah, Syracuse too. (Paul Frampton)

The best 2-3 team in the country takes on the best 1-4 team from the Eastern Shore. Must see local access TV.  (Clay Mowry)

The Hoyas are thankful for Bryant and Maryland-Eastern Shore appearing on the schedule. (John Taylor)

Do you think non-conference scheduling came up at the Thompson household on Thanksgiving? (William Coakley)

5. VCU (4-2, 0-0 A10) 334 points (LW: 5)
Next: Wednesday at Middle Tennessee State, Sunday vs. Florida State

The Rams are remaining relevant in the A11 with wins over American and ODU. Time will tell if they remain relevant in the A10. (Brian Hoysa)

Undefeated against teams that did not play in the 2015 national championship game (Sean McLernon)

Has an upcoming game against Florida State in Atlanta, because college basketball in December is a weird animal. (Matt Bonesteel)

By beating American and Old Dominion this week, the Rams seem more interested in impressing Atlantic 11 voters than national ones. (Michael Freeman)

Knocked out American and the Monarchs last week. The Ottoman Empire is next. (Joey Flyntz)

6. Richmond (4-2, 0-0 A10) 267 points (LW: 7)
Next: Tuesday at Florida, Saturday vs. Northern Iowa

The Spiders impressed in their victory over Cal, boosting their resume for March, but that upcoming early January matchup against Water Spout University still looms large. (Sean McLernon)

Victory over Cal really not that impressive when you realize that the Bears couldn’t drink any water due to drought restrictions. (Chris Olson)

Richmond had a great win over a ranked Cal team. Too bad what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. (Jared Kotler)

Richmond had a dream turnaround in Vegas last week. After getting turned down by West Virginia, they hit the jackpot with California. (Brian Hoysa)

Scott Allen’s family must be thrilled with what Cousin Terry is doing these days. (Matt Bonesteel)

7. William & Mary (4-2, 0-0 CAA) 170 points (LW: 6)
Tuesday vs. Old Dominion, Saturday at Virginia

Looks like W&M went to the MEAC well once too often. (Mike Doughten)

Teams that can beat N.C. State but lose to Howard go right about here in the Atlantic 11 poll. (Matt Bonesteel)

Blowing a 19-point halftime lead is usually a Redskins trademark and we all know how they feel about trademarks. (Chris Olson)

The Tribe are playing Old Dominion this week in a game they are calling the “Shoeless Showdown,” which I’m hoping involves players dressing up as disgraced former Chicago White Sox baseball star Shoeless Joe Jackson. (Sean McLernon)

A lot of tri-cornered hats getting pretty chesty right now down in Williamsburg. (Michael Hoffman)

The winner of the W&M vs. U-Va. game on Saturday will gain zero ground in the argument over which school can most strongly claim Thomas Jefferson. (Brian Hoysa)

8. Radford (4-2, 0-0 Big South) 153 points (LW: 10)
Monday vs. JMU, Thursday vs. Liberty, Sunday at Coastal Carolina

Victories over Georgetown and Penn State prove that the Big South is better than the Big East and the Big Ten. (Chris Olson)

I’m still a believer in the Highlanders. They have the perfect recipe for success: Speed, 3-point shooting prowess, and a player sharing the same name as a character from The Sandlot. (Sean McLernon)

Won at Penn State. Maybe defeating Georgetown not such a big deal. (Paul Frampton)

With a win over Penn State this week, Radford is now in first in the Big Ten. Good luck, Maryland. (Jared Kotler)

Thankful they beat Georgetown three weeks ago so that the rest of their season doesn’t matter. (Matt Ipri)

Radford’s win over Penn State might be even more impressive than if it had happened in football. (Nick Andrews)

9. Old Dominion (3-3, 0-0 CUSA) 98 points (LW: 8)
Next: Tuesday at William & Mary, Friday vs. Delaware State

Old Dominion had a rough weekend on I-64. Besides the act of driving on that interstate twice, they were never in the game after the first half against VCU. (Joe Pope)

The toughest part about the loss to St. Joe’s is that Phil Martelli is still talking about it. (Richard Hsu)

10. Virginia Tech (4-2, 0-0 ACC) 77 points (LW: 11)
Next: Tuesday vs. Northwestern, Saturday vs. Arkansas-Pine Bluff

With win over UAB, Hokie fans celebrate their 1-1 record against mid-majors from the state of Alabama. (Will Mannon)

Hokies are thankful for Frank Beamer’s departure, which ensured no one noticed their loss to Alabama State. (Matt Ipri)

Beats Alabama-Birmingham after losing to Alabama State. Roll Tide! (Matt Bonesteel)

This year’s Virginia Tech team is young and talented and rebounds well and has already secured a couple of impressive wins, but probably won’t win complete credibility with locals until they can prove that they are skilled at cow tipping. (Sean McLernon)

Seth Allen must look around at Hokie basketball games and wonder how it all went wrong. (Mike Dean)

I can see it now: Buzz Williams, just like Beamer, will be raised up on his players’ shoulders after getting a bid to the third-tier College Basketball Invitational in March. (Brian Hoysa)

11. George Mason (2-3, 0-0 A10) 73 points (LW: 9)
Next: Wednesday at Towson, Saturday vs. Penn

Holds Wright State to 7.7 percent shooting and 10 points in the first half. More like Wrong State, am I right? (Matt Bonesteel)

D. Dixon hasn’t been the same player since he lost his crossbow 2 episodes ago on The Walking Dead. (Mike Doughten)

It can’t possibly be fun to be in Manhattan around Thanksgiving, as GMU learned firsthand falling to the Manhattan Jaspers last Wednesday. (Brian Hoysa)

Others receiving votes: JMU 46, Howard 28, Navy 27, UMBC 9, Towson 5, Hampton 4, Loyola 4, American 3, Coppin St. 2, Liberty 2, Norfolk St. 2, Longwood 1, Mount St. Mary’s 1, UMES 1.