Former Redskins great Joe Jacoby logged into Facebook on Thursday to find a video shared on his timeline of an old McDonald’s commercial starring him, his fellow Hogs and five members of the Baltimore Orioles.

Ahhhh yessss I love this commercial…definitely a Jacoby girls favorite!” Jacoby commented. “I’m so glad to have this on the Internet now!”

That makes at least two of us. You can watch the video, which features Redskins and Orioles players dancing in D.C. and Baltimore, and together outside of a McDonald’s, below.

(Update: The video was shared by Redskins tight end Don Warren’s son Brett, who played middle linebacker at Virginia Tech. Brett Warren is in the process of digitizing a bunch of his dad’s old VHS tapes, so there could be more where this came from.)

The commercial was filmed over two days in February 1984. Via Carla Hall’s story for The Post:

It McRained on a $200,000 parade today when some Baltimore Orioles, Washington Redskins and filmmakers got together to film a commercial.”

‘I’ve got a taste for McDonald’s…’

That’s what the players were to sing. The plan was to have the Orioles at the Baltimore Harbor do a little sidestep with baseball bats, praising the Egg McMuffin. The rain doused that scheme, but the rest of the commercial went off on schedule. The Redskins (who are scheduled to be filmed in Washington Thursday) will do a jog-like shuffle and pass a football, praising the Sausage McMuffin. What was filmed today was the closing scene, where the two teams join up for song and dance at a McDonald’s. The burger place that won the screen test sits on Broadway here, and although it was raining, a tent and technical tricks assured a dry, sunny scene.

The weatherman said the weather would be terrific. At 9 a.m. it started raining. And Orioles Eddie Murray, Mike Boddicker, John Shelby, Rick Dempsey, and Dan Morogiello went to their trailer to wait. The others, an entourage of about 20, stayed outside.

In addition to Jacoby, the Redskins featured in the commercial were Mark May, George Starke, Don Warren and Doc Walker. Hall reported that Walker “clowned it up” on set.

“I didn’t come down here to have this be a drag,” Walker said. “It’s always better to be happy when you’re working, if you have that luxury.”

The final product should leave you with a smile on your face, if not a taste for McDonald’s.