Take a look at this very public proclamation made by Chris Williams in late August.

Williams is a native of Centreville, Va., a big fan of local sports, though he recently moved to San Diego. You might be familiar with his work as the guy heckling loudly at Nationals Park (and elsewhere). He’s been known to buy seats within earshot of opposing players and let loose waves of witty, non-vulgar zings. Occasionally, he’ll get a reply from an athlete on the field, too. Chris is a good guy. I know that, because he’s my friend. Here’s a small sample of his typical tweets:

But Sunday, his Twitter feed gained him some notoriety when he re-posted that August tweet about the Redskins quarterback situation (which involved Robert Griffin III at the time). It all stemmed from an argument with his buddies, something I know a thing or two about, as Williams and I once co-hosted a podcast.

Williams wrote that the last two seasons left him with the lowest of expectations.

He’s already got the jersey on the way, a burgundy one that cost him $300, and a poster is en route to California, which he got for $10 on Allposters.com. He’s sticking with the hashtag #WrongAboutKirk and has picked up a couple dozen followers, some of whom told him they just want to see if he’s actually going to carry out this task.

As for the whole quarterback situation, Williams is just happy they’ve figured something out. About the proclamation, there was never a question as to whether or not he was going to stick to it, in his mind.

“I have to be a man of my word,” he said with a laugh.