It took six weeks, but there was finally some decent shakeup in the Atlantic 11, just in time for the start of conference season.

Maryland, Virginia and George Washington remain 1-2-3 in the reader poll of the top 11 teams among the 27 schools with Division I basketball programs in D.C., Maryland and Virginia, but there was a lot of movement below.

Georgetown tumbled from fourth to seventh following losses to Monmouth and UNC-Asheville, while Richmond jumped from sixth to fourth. At least Monmouth’s ‘Bench Mob’ was amusing. JMU, which has won seven straight, is ranked one spot ahead of the Hoyas, which is something no one could have predicted at the start of the season.

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The Atlantic 11 will take a one-week hiatus (for the holidays, and also to give Georgetown a chance to lick its wounds). To the pith…

1. Maryland (10-1, 0-0 Big Ten) 508 points (27 first-place votes) (Last Week: 1)
Next: Dec. 27 vs. Marshall

Basketball is the only men’s sport where Maryland can beat Princeton. Yes, that includes football. (Chris Olson)

Maryland returned to Baltimore 10 years too late to land Carmelo Anthony and Rudy Gay. (Michael Hoffman)

The Terps crushed Princeton, wisely refusing to engage in a debating competition rather than a basketball game. (Sean McLernon)

Baltimore fans getting the chance to cheer on a victory by the home team has not come too often this fall. (Paul Frampton)

The Terps are now 10-2 in Baltimore. They must love “The Wire,” too. (Andy Lutz)

This team has all the makings of the next local juggernaut team to cut us open and ponder the meaning of life when it ends poorly. (Joey Flyntz)

Terps beat Princeton at Royal Farms Arena by 21. Next game there is the Globetrotters, which will only be slightly more of a mismatch. (Brian Hoysa)

VCU’s strength of schedule is ranked 15, GW’s is 23, Richmond’s is 31, Maryland’s is (scroll down, keep going). (Mike Doughten)

2. Virginia (9-1, 0-0 ACC) 503 points (23) (Last Week: 2)
Next: Tuesday vs. Cal

Virginia gave up a season-high 75 points to Villanova, but still won. Does this mean we have to put away all the ‘Virginia is boring’ jokes? (Paul Frampton)

Put up 86 points against then-No. 12 Villanova, but tell me again how the Cavaliers can’t score. (Chris Olson)

Attention pithy voters: jokes about Virginia not scoring are so last year (and the year before that, and the year before that, and, well, the few years before that, too). (Grant Kronenberg)

The Hoos have for the most part succeeded in shedding the “boring” label, and rightly so – watching Evan Nolte’s facial expressions alone is enough to keep viewers entertained during games. (Sean McLernon)

Impeccably dressed Jay Wright threatened to not buy a suit this week in response to his team allowing the plodding Cavaliers’ attack to score 86 points in one game. (Michael Hoffman)

Virginia hosts the Cal Golden Bears and the Oakland Golden Grizzlies to close out the year. Is Charlottesville known for its honey? (Brian Hoysa)

Tony Bennett motivates his Hoos each week by screaming about how their top KenPom ranking means nothing compared to them getting to the top of the Atlantic 11. (Matt Ipri)

Wisconsin AD Barry Alvarez really likes what he’s seeing from his next head coach. (Joey Flyntz)

3. George Washington (10-1, 0-0 A10) 442 points (4) (Last Week: 3)
Next: Tuesday at DePaul

While the win over St. Peter’s avoided an embarrassing loss on GW’s resume, it hurt their chances for entry into heaven. (Grant Kronenberg)

The Colonials are chomping down on their competition like fake wooden teeth on 18th-century corn porridge. (Sean McLernon)

With GW beating three New Jersey teams in the past two weeks, Chris Christie is now looking for a way to shut down the route for buses to the Smith Center. (Jared Kotler)

WWE fans and Internet meme-nerds go crazy, and then are bitterly disappointed, when they hear…”And his name is Jaren Sina!!!!” on the Smith Center P.A. system. (Adam Anthony)

Missed a huge opportunity by failing to schedule a game against Mount St. Mary’s after their games against St. Peter’s and DePaul. (Max Wasserman)

St. Peter’s denied them three times, but the Colonials still shot 55 percent from the field in Saturday’s win. (Chris Olson)

After last week’s budget deal, the best chance for seeing a shutdown in D.C. these days is watching GW at the Smith Center. (Ted Wheeler)

4. Richmond (7-3, 0-0 A10) 296 points (Last Week: 6)
Next: Tuesday vs. Presbyterian College

Terry Allen is looking like a lock to make the all-Two First Names team this season. (Sean McLernon)

5. VCU (5-5, 0-0 A10) 254 points (Last Week: 5)
Next: Tuesday vs. Buffalo

VCU may be the best 5-5 team in the country. Too bad they don’t play in the NFC East. (Ted Wheeler)

From the Shaka Smart Era to the Shaky Start Era. (Sean McLernon)

VCU moves up by losing to a better class of team than Georgetown. (Mike Doughten)

They lost both their games last week but deserve some sort of ribbon for playing legitimate games unlike A11 teams not named Virginia. (Brian Hoysa)

6. JMU (9-3, 0-0 CAA) 208 points (Last Week: 7)
Next: Tuesday vs. Mount St. Mary’s

Seven straight victories for JMU, which has recovered well after early struggles, like America during the War of 1812. Of course, the U.S. still missed the NCAA Tournament that year. (Sean McLernon)

Pundits had been discussing the Atlantic 11 ramifications of their big win over ODU Wednesday for weeks. (Matt Ipri)

7. Georgetown (6-5, 0-0 Big East) 202 points (Last Week: 4)
Next: Tuesday at Charlotte

Don’t look now, but with losses to both Radford and UNC-Asheville, JTIII’s candidacy for Big South Coach of the Year is picking up steam. (Vince Colatriano)

Just ruining Radford’s RPI out of spite at this point. (Max Wasserman)

At this point, the Hoyas could probably benefit from a players-only meeting at The Tombs. Country Mondays could be the only thing to bring them out of a rut at this point. (Andy Lutz)

This may be the latest the Redskins have gone with having a better record than Georgetown. (Jared Kotler)

The Hoyas are in the holiday spirit and chose December instead of March this year to disappoint its fan base. (Michael Hoffman)

Hoyas may soon have their own “Bench Mob” as fans swarm JTIII with pitch forks and torches. (Chris Olson)

After losses to Monmouth and UNC-Ashville, the Hoya bench is preparing a pantomime of the team playing in the NIT. (Adam Anthony)

Georgetown loses to Monmouth and UNC Asheville in the same week. Nobody has disappointed its fanbase this much since George Lucas released the prequels. (Ted Wheeler)

Hoyas counter the Monmouth bench’s “Creation of Adam” with their on-court rendition of “Guernica.” (Richard Hsu)

The bad news: the Hoyas lost two games to mid-majors this week. The good news: the second loss was only by single-digits. (Grant Kronenberg)

Remember when some analysts thought Georgetown was a top 25 team? No one’s been this embarrassingly wrong about something since Steve Harvey. (Kangy Gareaux)

Losses to Radford and Asheville mean that the Hoyas will be paired with the Longwood Lancers in next year’s Big East-Big South challenge. (Matt Ipri)

The best team to take the floor at the Verizon Center during Saturday’s Georgetown-UNC Asheville game was the collection of local mascots who played during halftime. (Sean McLernon)

Looking on the bright side after last week, the Hoyas still have a good shot at a home NIT game. (Brian Hoysa)

8. William & Mary (6-3, 0-0 CAA) 180 points (Last Week: 7)
Next: Monday vs. High Point

If you can imagine that you’ve been transported to the pre-American Revolution era when you walk into Colonial Williamsburg, it’s only a little bit more of a stretch to imagine the Tribe in the NCAA Tournament. (Sean McLernon)

Satisfying win over Mary Washington, especially knowing that Mary really wanted her son George to go to Harvard. (Adam Anthony)

William & Mary beats D-III school Mary Washington by 30. When GW tried to schedule W&M this season, they must have responded, “Your Mom plays basketball.” (Ted Wheeler)

W&M has now beaten DIII Mary Washington and the NAIA’s Washington Adventist. Surely there’s a prep school out there with “Washington” in their name that the Tribe can squeeze into their remaining schedule. (Brian Hoysa)

9. Virginia Tech (8-3, 0-0 ACC) 139 points (Last Week: 9)
Next: Tuesday vs. Saint Joseph’s

Showing Georgetown how to handle cupcakes since 2015. (Jared Kotler)

Great news, Hokies fans. Your team might being improving to solidly mediocre! (Grant Kronenberg)

Virginia Tech’s biggest win of the season is against Radford. If that doesn’t say ninth place in the Atlantic 11 I don’t know what does. (Mike Doughten)

The Hokies are using the Karl Hobbs scheduling strategy: rack up wins against bad teams. (Andrew Wiseman)

Coach Buzz Williams has praised his players for being collectively unselfish, but that may just be part of his strategy to get a really nice gift from his Secret Santa during the team’s holiday gift exchange. (Sean McLernon)

How a lower-tier ACC team builds a season-best four-game winning streak: schedule December home games against Grambling, Lamar and Arkansas Pine Bluff. (John Taylor)

10. Radford (7-5, 1-1 Big South) 55 points (Last Week: NR)
Next: Tuesday at Chattanooga

Radford hoping that scheduling Georgetown doesn’t hurt their RPI too much. (Mike Doughten)

Buzzer-beaters to win in back to back games for the Highlanders, who, never forget, beat Georgetown with a three-pointer with a second and a half left in the season opener. (John Taylor)

I’m not sure how much longer beating Georgetown on the road this season can be considered a high-quality win. (Sean McLernon)

11. Navy (8-4, 0-0 Patriot) 51 points (Last Week: 11)
Next: Tuesday vs. Furman

Everybody loves to pile on when Georgetown loses a game. What about Navy, huh? What do future defenders of freedom have to do to get some quality shade around here? (Richard Hsu)

For Navy fans, everything outside of Charleston is considered South Carolina Upstate. (Clinton Yates)

Dropped out: Old Dominion
Others receiving votes: Old Dominion 46, George Mason 41, Towson 20, Howard 5, VMI 4, Morgan St. 3, UMBC 3, American 1, Longwood 1.