How could life possibly get any better for Alex Ovechkin, who scored the 500th and 501st goals of his career on Sunday and was named the NHL’s “First Star” of the week?

Well, the Capitals captain could win his first Stanley Cup this spring. He could also win the Powerball drawing on Wednesday.

Ovechkin, who signed a 13-year, $124 million contract in 2008, was spotted buying Powerball tickets with his dad at a 7-Eleven in McLean on Saturday. He didn’t win Saturday’s $800 million prize, but with the jackpot at a record $1.4 billion ahead of Wednesday’s drawing, perhaps he tried his luck again.

On Tuesday, Ovechkin was asked about the photo of him buying a Powerball ticket.

I’ve never bought a Powerball ticket (I prefer to lose two dollars at a time playing daily fantasy sports), but maybe I should reconsider. Here are a few Ovechkin-inspired numbers to play:

The jersey numbers of the five goalies against whom Ovechkin has scored the most goals, with Ovechkin as the Powerball.

The top five single-season goal totals of Ovechkin’s career, with Ovechkin as the Powerball.

The top six single-season power play goal totals of Ovechkin’s career.

I bet no one picked this…

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