No, this isn’t an elaborate metaphor for the greatest goal scorer in Washington hockey history having a particularly lethal scoring touch. Alex Ovechkin actually has a golden stick now. Ted Leonsis gave it to him Thursday evening, in honor of Ovechkin’s 500th goal, scored on a night that he also notched No. 501.

Thursday’s brief pre-game ceremony included three Ovechkin family members — his parents and fiance — and three Caps officials: Leonsis, Dick Patrick and Brian MacLellan. Ovechkin got kisses from each of his family members, and an engraved keepsake from the team, which appears best suited for playing street hockey in Scrooge McDuck’s driveway. There was also a tribute video with comments from a host of other 500-goal scorers, including a few former Caps.

NHL custom holds that Ovechkin shall now receive a platinum stick after goal No. 600, a diamond-encrusted stick after goal No. 700, and an edible chocolate stick with caramel swirls after goal No. 800.

Here are a few more views of the valuable twig, which should be polished weekly, or more often if it’s used in game situations.