Maryland shook off its first Big Ten loss of the season at Michigan with a 100-65 rout of Ohio State and received 35 of 37 first-place votes in this week’s reader poll of the top 11 teams among the 27 Division I basketball schools in Maryland, Virginia and D.C.

Virginia, which defeated then-No. 8 Miami before dropping its third ACC road game of the season at Florida State, received the other two first-place votes. The Cavaliers are No. 2 in the Atlantic 11, followed by VCU, which has won eight straight, George Washington and Georgetown.

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VCU’s latest win was an overtime thriller against Richmond. The Spiders remained No. 8 because their competition in the lower half of the poll includes Old Dominion, which has lost three straight to fall to .500.

To the pith…

1. Maryland (16-2, 5-1 Big Ten) 368 points (35 first-place votes) (Last Week: 1)
Next: Tuesday vs. Northwestern, Saturday at Michigan State

New Terps football coach D.J. Durkin can’t understand why Mark Turgeon wasn’t more excited about splitting with Michigan and Ohio State. (Michael Freeman)

If the Maryland-Ohio State game had been played on Mercury, where each day equals 58 Earth days, the final score would have been 10,000,000,000 to 65. (Adam Anthony)

Getting a 100 without even trying is every college student’s dream. (Chris Olson)

Supposedly Ohio State offered Varun Ram free tattoos after the unheralded senior guard looked better than everyone on their squad. (James Schneider)

The Terps lost at Michigan, and then responded by scoring 100 points in a 35-point win over Ohio State, which just made Michigan fans even happier. (Sean McLernon)

You know you’re getting blasted when Mark Turgeon is “calling off the dogs” by pulling Varun Ram with four minutes to go in the second half. (Russell Meyer)

No offense intended to Maryland or Duke, but when your best win is Georgetown, you… wait, scratch that…Offense definitely intended to Maryland and Duke. (Matt Ipri)

2. Virginia (13-4, 2-3 ACC) 314 points (2 first-place votes) (Last Week: 2)
Next: Tuesday vs. Clemson, Saturday vs. Syracuse.

Can I vote “Home/Neutral Court U-Va.” No. 1 and “Road U-Va.” like 2 spots below Radford? (Jake Leffler)

Not sure what Virginia’s New Year’s resolution was, but safe to say it isn’t working out. (Chris Olson)

The old adage says that defense travels. Well U-Va., who’s alma mater is based on “Auld Lang Syne,” still hasn’t gotten that memo as they dropped their third road game in two weeks. (Russell Meyer)

Dwayne Bacon led Florida State with 18 points in its victory over the Hoos, and drastically altered breakfast meat preferences for U-Va. fans everywhere. (Sean McLernon)

Given the course of the last week, I think it’s fair to say that Tony Bennett left his heart in Tallahassee, Atlanta or Blacksburg. (Christopher Boan)

After beating West Virginia, Villanova and Cal in December, Virginia fans did not expect to feel like the season is on the line heading into Tuesday’s home game against Clemson. Cue “Sad Virginia Fan.” (Grant Kronenberg)

U-Va. is celebrating the new year by dressing up as the 2006 UVA team. Have to admire that kind of dedication to a bit. (Ned Belliveau)

Three top-10 wins and four sub-par losses. Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2016 Virginia Cavaliers! (Matt Ipri)

These losses to lesser ACC teams are as out of character for Tony Bennett as his namesake’s commercials with Lady Gaga. (Michael Freeman)

3. VCU (13-5, 5-0 A10) 271 points (Last Week: 4)
Next: Wednesday vs. Duquesne, Saturday vs. St. Bonaventure

The win streak is at eight eight eight eight eight and the Rams are in first place place place place place, even with Shaka off (in Texas), Shaka off (in Texas). I’ll see myself out. (Sean McLernon)

If the local theme park had better marketing, an announcement would have been made at the end of the game that VCU had established Kings Dominion over Richmond. (Michael Freeman)

Beating your crosstown rivals is the cherry on top of an eight-game-winning-streak sundae. (Chris Olson)

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: VCU won in Richmond. (Matt Ipri)

The ramifications of Ram on Ram violence are becoming more apparent in today’s society. I guess we know who has the biggest set of horns. (Mike Doughten)

In the battle of Ram microbreweries, VCU’s offerings from around Richmond prove vastly superior to the improving Fordham. (Russell Meyer)

4. George Washington (14-4, 3-2 A10) 233 points (Last Week: 3)
Next: Friday vs. Rhode Island

The Colonials remain undefeated at home this season, leading the Secret Service to consult with the Smith Center faithful about effective ways to thwart hostile visitors. (Sean McLernon)

When comparing them head-to-head with VCU, I no longer count their home win over U-Va. in the “Pro” column. (Jake Leffler)

Lost to Dayton after 19 lead changes… sounds like the Democratic Debate. (James Schneider)

Sacrebleu! A guy named Pierre bested George Washington? (Chris Olson)

The Colonials beat the Minutemen, which seem to be like two groups on the same side attacking each other, much like the Republican debates. (Mike Doughten)

The curse of the creepy mascot strikes GW again as that weird guy Dayton calls their mascot nipped the Colonials in the late Friday tilt. (Russell Meyer)

5. Georgetown (11-7, 4-2 Big East) 210 points (Last Week: 5)
Next: Tuesday at Xavier, Saturday at Connecticut

Georgetown re-enacted the 1985 Final Four last week, beating Chris Mullin-led St. John’s before dropping a close one to Villanova. Too soon? (Paul Frampton)

The Hoyas blew out St. John’s at Madison Square Garden last week, which is very impressive until you realize it’s not 1985 anymore. (Sean McLernon)

Villanova changed into their Radford jerseys at halftime, just to be sure they could beat Georgetown. (Matt Ipri)

Marty McFly was sitting behind the Hoyas bench for their 55-50 loss to Villanova this weekend. At least it seemed like 1985. (Clay Mowry)

Hoyas lose to Villanova, but cover the spread. Student section prints up shirts. In a season when you lose to Monmouth and Radford, you’ve got to pick your bright spots. (Adam Anthony)

Commentary on Hoyas season has been reduced to “Well, they’re trying hard!” Maybe they can get orange slices with their scholarships. (Chris Olson)

6. Virginia Tech (12-6, 4-1 ACC) 161 points (Last Week: 7)
Next: Wednesday at Notre Dame, Sunday vs. North Carolina

Here’s the good news Virginia Tech: You’re 4-1 in the ACC. Now here’s the bad news: KenPom has you losing every game but one the rest of the way! (Jared Kotler)

Was the basketball team always previously terrible on purpose out of deference to Beamer? Or was Beamer purposefully sabotaging them up til now? (Jake Leffler)

Earned their 1st road win since 2013 with the win over Georgia Tech. 2013 is also the year I believe the word ‘bae’ was created… not something to write home about. (James Schneider)

Virginia Tech is 4th in the ACC? Did ESPN accidentally put up the football standings instead of basketball? (Mike Doughten)

Buzz has things, well, buzzing in Blacksburg. (Paul Frampton)

Adam Smith of Georgia Tech, previously of Virginia Tech, showed his love for the Hokies by hitting two of a bazillion three point shots against them. (Mike Green)

The Hokies are ahead of both Duke and Virginia in the ACC standings right now, which could very well end up being the high point of the Buzz Williams era. (Sean McLernon)

The bubble doesn’t repel, it attracts. The Hokies are steadily being drawn back into its orbit. (Michael Freeman)

7. William & Mary (12-5, 4-2 CAA) 121 points (Last Week: 6)
Next: Thursday vs. Elon, Saturday at Hofstra

The Tribe are still in good position to secure an NCAA Tournament bid, at which point it will have to be explained to W&M fans that such a tournament happens in sports other than FCS football and soccer. (Sean McLernon)

Don’t sleep on the Colonial Athletic Association. William & Mary sits in a six-way tie for first. The CAA, where if you aren’t first, you’re last…literally. (James Schneider)

Call John Feinstein…Could two of the last four Division I teams to play in the Tournament make the Big Dance in the same year? Northwestern is performing their annual fall-on-face routine, but William & Mary looks pretty solid. (Russell Meyer)

8. Richmond (10-7, 2-3 A10) 115 points (Last Week: 8)
Next: Saturday vs. Davidson

Richmond’s defeat of the Explorers harkens back to Robert de La Salle’s terrible fear of spiders. (Mike Doughten)

Six players tallied at least 30 minutes of court time each in last week’s overtime loss to VCU, so those endurance drills up and down the water spout are paying off for the Spiders. (Sean McLernon)

Richmond tried putting six players on the court with 1:37 left in the second half against VCU. Probably not going to get that by the refs. (Chris Olson)

9. James Madison (14-5, 4-2 CAA) 113 points (Last Week: 9)
Next: Thursday vs. Drexel, Saturday at Elon

Dukes are 6-0 in true road games. Maybe they could lend their friends in Charlottesville some help. (Chris Olson)

There is a six-way tie for first place in the CAA, displaying a level of checks and balances that would surely make James Madison’s corpse swell with pride. (Sean McLernon)

In the event of a six-way tie atop the CAA standings, A11 ranking should be no lower than the fourth tie-breaker (tough break Northeastern). (Jake Leffler)

10. Navy (14-5, 5-1 Patriot) 26 points (Last Week: 11)
Next: Wednesday at Lehigh, Saturday vs. Army

Five wins in a row and inclusion in the Atlantic 11? Navy’s ship has come in. (Chris Olson)

The Midshipmen are playing so well this season, I’m starting to wonder if one of their players is actually former Navy star David Robinson in disguise. (Sean McLernon)

11. Old Dominion (9-9, 2-3 CUSA) 18 points (Last Week: 10)
Next: Thursday vs. Western Kentucky, Saturday vs. Marshall

I realize that we can’t have 10 teams because of the real conference, but maybe we should consider having an Atlantic 9 poll this year. (Jake Leffler)

Also receiving votes: George Mason 16, Towson 14, Radford 4, American 2, Loyola 1.