Snowstorms are a big deal in the DMV. People lock in to their favorite local TV stations for the latest coverage, especially during blizzards like the one we’re experiencing this weekend.

It’s standard practice for reporters to conduct on-the-street interviews in the moments leading up to a big storm to gauge the public’s preparedness or lack thereof. It’s not standard to conduct an on-the-street interview with a three-time NHL MVP.

But that’s what happened when a WUSA9 camera crew found themselves face-to-face with Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin at a local gas station.

Apparently, the Capitals star, who has 14 assists for the season, isn’t just a great teammate; he’s also a great neighbor. On what was an unplanned day off, Ovechkin plans to lend a helping hand to those living around him. (Does that count as assist number 15?)

While the blizzard has caused quite a stir in the Mid-Atlantic region, it’s no big deal for Ovechkin.

“We’re from Russia, so we always have that kind of stuff,” he told WUSA9’s Ellison Barber.