In addition to a Hoyas win over U-Conn., Georgetown fans may be rooting for something else on Saturday: snow. Lots and lots of money-saving snow.

Georgetown announced Thursday that ticket prices for next week’s home games against Creighton and Providence will be slashed up to 50 percent depending on how much snow D.C. receives in the coming storm.

The final discount for the #OnTheChilltop promotion will be determined by the snowfall measurement at Reagan National Airport on Sunday morning. If the latest models are correct, there’s a good chance D.C. will receive at least 20 inches of snow, triggering the maximum 50 percent discount. (We’re in store for Jahidi Whiteout conditions, not just a few Pascal Fleurries.)

If D.C. receives less than five inches of show (a 10 percent discount), Georgetown’s director of marketing Chris Grosse should consider inviting area meteorologists to Tuesday’s game against Creighton for free and allowing students to pelt them with snowballs.

The deal will be posted on Sunday afternoon and run through the end of the day.

Update: The official total recorded at Reagan National Airport was 17.8 inches, but some have questioned the accuracy of that measurement. Georgetown went ahead and offered fans the 50 percent discount and extended the deal through Monday night.