The biggest winners of Snowzilla were meteorologists (take a bow), sledding enthusiasts and the Richmond men’s basketball team, which moved up a spot in this week’s Atlantic 11 by virtue of not playing. (The Spiders’ game against Davidson on Saturday was postponed until Monday.)

There wasn’t much movement among the other 10 teams in the reader poll of the 27 Division I basketball schools in Maryland, Virginia and D.C.

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Maryland remains No. 1 despite a loss at Michigan State, which wore slime green uniforms as blinding as the white stuff that blanketed the region this weekend. The Terps received 30 of 36 first-place votes and are followed by Virginia, VCU and George Washington.

VCU had to wait a day to extend its winning streak to 10 games after Saturday’s game was rescheduled for Sunday, while George Washington stayed ahead of the storm with a Friday afternoon win over Rhode Island. Hopefully Colonials Coach Mike Lonergan can dig out in time for Thursday’s home game against Richmond.

JMU, which has won five straight after two more wins last week, was the only other team to move up in the poll. To the pith…

1. Maryland (17-2, 6-2 Big Ten) 354 points (30 first-place votes) (Last Week: 1)
Next: Thursday vs. Iowa, Sunday at Ohio State

Maryland lost, and the Terps didn’t even have the flashiest uniforms. Lose-lose. (Rachel Marcus)

I don’t care about the score. Michigan State lost to Maryland as soon as the Spartans put on those hideous neon lime-green uniforms. (Sean McLernon)

Terps blinded by Michigan State uniforms that could be seen from space. (Chris Olson)

Terps still blinded by those atrocities Michigan State wore. Have to recover because Iowa is coming to town. (Paul Frampton)

I didn’t expect to see actual Highlighters upon watching the Terps-MSU highlight reel. (Andy Lutz)

None of the NCAA Tournament sites are located in Michigan, which should make the Terps a Final Four lock. (Richard Hsu)

Are the Terps blaming Flint’s contaminated water for their struggles in the state of Michigan this season? (Owen Krucoff)

Wanna know all it takes to beat the Terps? Be better than Georgetown. (Matt Ipri)

2. Virginia (15-4, 4-3 ACC) 324 points (4) (Last Week: 2)
Next: Tuesday at Wake Forest, Saturday at Louisville

The Cavaliers were happy that nobody could go out on the road this weekend. (Chris Olson)

Will U-Va. still be eligible for these rankings once Anthony Gill’s hair inevitably grows so long that it crosses the West Virginia border? (Sean McLernon)

To get that D going again, UVA fans are starting a #FireRichieMckay hashtag to get Coach McKay back from Liberty. (Matt Ipri)

Last six games have gone L-L-W-L-W-W. That’s what craps players call “serious chop.” (Richard Hsu)

3. VCU (15-5, 7-0 A10) 261 points (1) (Last Week: 3)
Next: Friday at Davidson

The Rams haven’t lost since Christmas, and they are playing so well that they might not lose again until retail stores start playing holiday music again. That happens in early March these days, right? (Sean McLernon)

You heard it here first: the Rams won’t lose again. A great prediction because if it happens you’ll remember, but if it doesn’t you won’t remember. (Chris Olson)

St. Bonaventure failed miserably in deploying the Snowzilla defense against VCU. (Mike Doughten)

4. George Washington (15-4, 4-2 A10) 249 points (1) (Last Week: 4)
Next: Thursday vs. Richmond, Sunday at George Mason

Just like surviving the rough winters at at Valley Forge and Morristown, George Washington faced the storm on Friday and pulled out a victory. (Michael La Place)

The real reason GW moved its Friday game up four hours early: The team wanted extra time to go sledding on Capitol Hill. (Sean McLernon)

5. Georgetown (12-8, 5-2 Big East) 221 points (Last Week: 5)
Next: Tuesday vs. Creighton, Saturday vs. Providence

The Hoyas’ tendency of playing well against great teams and playing poorly against average teams has convinced me that they will either get to the Final Four or lose in the NIT first round. (Sean McLernon)

Great win against the (number) five Musketeers. (Chris Olson)

Hoyas doing their best to ensure the Big East only gets three bids. (Richard Hsu)

If you’re Georgetown, you raise the hopes of your fans and then crush them like a bug. It’s what you do. (Apologies to Geico.) (Mike Doughten)

Given the result the last time the Hoyas played Creighton, they may want to consider staying in Connecticut. (Richard Hsu)

Georgetown with upcoming snow discount days. My version: With this much snow, my desire to leave my house is less than 50 percent. (Paul Frampton)

By transitive property, Radford > Georgetown > Xavier. Because of course. (Matt Ipri)

6. Virginia Tech (12-8, 4-3 ACC) 138 points (Last Week: 6)
Next: Wednesday vs. Louisville, Sunday at Pittsburgh

Buzz Williams tweeted “Ni Aho” is Rwandan for “I see you.” Turns out “Go Hokies” is Rwandan for “RPI in the 100s.” (Richard Hsu)

The Hokies let a close game slip away to UNC on Sunday, blowing it in the same way Buzz Williams blows it every morning when he chooses an outfit to wear. (Sean McLernon)

At least Virginia Tech has upped the level of competition it’s losing to. (Mike Doughten)

Tech’s run of beating the ACC cupcakes is clearly over. Sorry, Virginia fans. (Matt Ipri)

Virginia Tech football fans were relieved when their favorite basketball team — North Carolina — pulled one out against the Hokies on Sunday. (Grant Kronenberg)

7. Richmond (10-7, 2-3 A10) 117 points (Last Week: 8)
Next: Monday vs. Davidson, Thursday at George Washington, Sunday at St. Bonaventure

Not playing this week was the best way to move up in the Atlantic 11. (Chris Olson)

I just noticed that Richmond’s athletic website makes generous use of spider web graphics, a not-so-subtle nod to a pun that Atlantic 11 readers should appreciate. (Sean McLernon)

8. James Madison (16-5, 6-2 CAA) 114 points (Last Week: 9)
Next: Thursday vs. UNC-Wilmington, Sunday at William & Mary

JMU defeats the Dragons and the Phoenix, now looking to only schedule mythical creatures next season. Daenerys not happy. (Mike Doughten)

The Dukes are undefeated on the road this season, probably because the team is just excited about the chance to leave Harrisonburg for a few hours. (Sean McLernon)

9. William & Mary (13-6, 5-3 CAA) 106 points (Last Week: 7)
Next: Thursday at Delaware, Sunday vs. James Madison

In their efforts not to get stranded on the highway, the entire team left the Hofstra game at halftime. (Richard Hsu)

The Tribe got crushed at Hofstra in a 28-point loss, possibly because it was difficult to see from the glare caused by all of the Long Islanders in the stands with spray tans. (Sean McLernon)

10. Navy (15-5, 6-1 Patriot) 37 points (Last Week: 10)
Next: Wednesday vs. American, Saturday at Holy Cross

It’s nice to see a Navy team succeeding without having to rely on the triple option offense.  (Sean McLernon)

Navy has shown excellent scoring balance during its win streak, which they attribute to skills learned while climbing up a greased obelisk. (Richard Hsu)

11. Old Dominion (10-10, 3-4 CUSA) 14 points (Last Week: 11)
Next: Thursday at Florida Atlantic, Saturday at Florida International

Don’t be jealous of the Monarchs for their spot at the bottom of this poll. Be jealous of them for their upcoming long weekend in Florida. (Scott Allen)

It’s like teams are treating the No. 11 spot as the Christmas Sweater of local basketball polls. (Richard Hsu)

Also receiving votes: Radford 11, Towson 10, George Mason 6, VMI 5, Hampton 3.