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Sometimes, you look up as a fan and say, hey, “at least they’re trying.” Other days you just throw you hands up and say, “of course.” Such is the case these days for D.C. United, who for whatever reason, can’t seem to get out of their own way on both things big and small.  Wednesday, Sports Illustrated leaked an image of the team’s new jerseys for the 2016 season, and there was one small problem.

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Adidas, the maker of the kits didn’t seem to understand that the phrase “Taxation Without Representation” is one in which the order of words actually matters when presented visually. The part inside of the collar that serves as the team’s political statement for its city’s disenfranchised status, is a tad off. It reads “Without Representation Taxation,” which if you add a comma and maybe a question mark, starts to make some sense. Or, if you’re Yoda, this is just normal English.

via D.C. United via D.C. United

To be fair, there’s no way this is on the team, and most likely it’s just a matter of the words being repeated in a loop on the cloth, which if not correctly lined up, appears out of order. Also, their little monument situation is nearly identical to’s logo. Either way, everyone noticed. It also features an outline of the District with the flag inset, which in fact, looks great.

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One fan was genuinely offended by the gaffe. “This and the fact that it replaces the team motto (TRADITION) and the fascist new branding: i am not pleased,” @Caddington11 tweeted.  “D.C. united stumbled into pitch perfect branding and organizational history from day one; why is it such a hot mess.”

At least this one’s not their fault.

UPDATE: In a statement, United said the new kit “celebrates our identity as the District’s team, infusing culture in sport in an unprecedented way. This kit is a symbol of commitment to D.C. as we prepare for our new home in Buzzard Point.”