This tweet was making the rounds on Thursday, which got us thinking about how we could apply this to the D.C. sports world. Then, Monumental Sports owner Theodore Leonsis decided he wanted to make things personal. So, sure, let’s go there.

More largely, though, we quickly realized that it might take us the rest of the day to complete the list, locally. So, here it is, in chronological order of how our creative process operates in our Slack feed. Yes, some are pretty cold-blooded.

  • Harper signs with Yankees
  • Durant doesn’t come home
  • Bullets mull name change
  • Snyder to purchase Redskins
  • Caps sign Jaromir Jagr
  • Here comes Drew Storen
  • Redskins start John Beck
  • Wizards on the clock
  • Jim Zorn’s ‘Swinging Gate’
  • World Series or Bust
  • Wizards select Kwame Brown
  • Jayson Werth bobblehead giveaway
  • Caps await Game 7
  • Nats World Series favorites
  • Redskins hire bingo caller
  • The Vinny Cerrato Show
  • Mid-Atlantic Sports Network

Here are some of the better tweets.

We could play this game all day. Feel free to add yours in the comments.