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With about eight months left until Election Day, two surprise candidates are joining the presidential race.

In advance of Saturday’s noon matchup between the Georgetown Hoyas and the Butler Bulldogs, the two programs joined forces to announce Georgetown’s Jack the Bulldog and Butler Blue have teamed up for a run at the White House. And the pair’s campaign video is pretty convincing that these are the candidates to make America a good boy again.

“These Bulldogs are unwavering champions of education,” the video’s narrator states. “Their paws are very well-connected and their instincts demonstrate strong vision. You sounded a whistle of alarm and called these dogs home, America. Now it’s time to mark our territory this November. Make the ‘paw-triotic’ choice and side with the canine team.”

And Jack and Butler Blue would be natural fits in The White House. President Calvin Coolidge owned a bulldog named Boston Beans and President Warren Harding owned an English bulldog named Old Boy.

It’s not clear if the pair would work as a duo once elected or if one would accept the office of vice president, although based on these “Canine Party” campaign shirts, available in the Georgetown University bookstore, it would appear that the D.C. native might be making an early play for the Oval Office.

(Image via YouTube)
(Image via YouTube)

Regardless, either pup would be make a strong commander-in-chew.

(h/t CSN Mid-Atlantic)