Virginia Cavaliers quarterback Matt Johns looks to pass against Notre Dame at Scott Stadium in 2015. (Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

In its latest college football “hate map,” Reddit’s subsection /r/CFB revealed state-by-state which team receives the most vitriol. And strangely enough, the oft-beleaguered Virginia Cavaliers earned the title of most hated team in the state of Virginia.

The findings within Virginia aren’t likely a product of the football program’s on-field successes, or lack there of — only two winning seasons in 10 years — so the assumption is there are other factors causing vitriol toward Mr. Jefferson’s university (or a ton of Hokie voters out there skewing the results). The Cavaliers received 33 percent of the total votes for the state, followed by the Virginia Tech Hokies at 14.7 percent and the Miami Hurricanes at 5.8 percent — which at least makes a bit more sense considering the early 2000s rivalry between the Hokies and Hurricanes.

A zoomed-in image of the Northeast reveals that Michigan is the most hated team in Maryland, which is again a bit perplexing. The Terps have played the Wolverines five times in their programs’ histories; Maryland has lost four of those. Perhaps last October’s 28-0 loss to Michigan at College Park still stings Terps fans on Reddit more than any other 2015 defeat, or maybe there are just a bunch of Ohio State and Michigan State fans living in the state?

Not visible in the map but noted in the Reddit post is that Ohio State comes in as the least-lovable team in Washington, D.C. After almost 5,000 votes were cast, the Buckeyes were named the most hated team in college football nationally, followed by a two-way tie between Alabama and Michigan.