For nearly four years, Brooks Laich was not just the longest-tenured Capitals player, but the longest-tenured pro athlete in Washington. This fact kept me from updating my regularly published list of D.C.’s longest tenured pro athletes, since the name on the top never changed. This week’s trade to Toronto, though, was reason enough to dig back in.

“It’s only me and him was [here] since my first year,” said Alex Ovechkin, who continues to climb this town’s seniority leader board. “Right now it’s only me in the team who has been [here] since the beginning.”

The first time I published one of these lists, in 2009, the names included Ben Olsen, Chris Samuels, Brendan Haywood, Santino Quaranta, Rock Cartwright and Gilbert Arenas.  Olsen is now Washington’s longest-serving pro coach. Samuels is a high school coach, Cartwright an NFL assistant, Haywood an NBA analyst, Quaranta and coach and analyst, and Arenas an Instagram bully.

The name on top, meanwhile, went from Jaime Moreno to Mike Sellers to Chris Cooley to Laich. And tellingly, a list that once was filled with soccer and basketball players, and that later was littered with NFL players, is now dominated by hockey and baseball players.

I’m basing this on consecutive seasons in Washington following a player’s on-field big league debut. Some of these players went back to the minors following their debut, but I’m still counting their service time in Washington as uninterrupted. A few of the exact starting dates could be argued on those grounds. For previous lists, see these links: 2009, 2010, 2012 part I, 2012 part II.

And on a personal note, only two of these guys now pre-date the birth of the D.C. Sports Bog. We’re getting old, friends. I am, anyhow.

1) Ryan Zimmerman: Starting his 12th season (Debut was Sept. 1, 2005)

2) Alex Ovechkin: Finishing his 11th season (Debut was Oct. 5, 2005)

3) Kedric Golston: Finished his 10th season (Debut was Sept. 11, 2006)

4) Nicklas Backstrom: Finishing his ninth season (Debut was Oct. 5, 2007)

5) DeAngelo Hall: Finished his seventh-plus season (Debut was Nov. 16, 2008)

6) Karl Alzner: Finishing his eighth season (Debut was Nov. 26, 2008)

7) Jay Beagle: Finishing his eighth season (Debut was Feb. 11, 2009)

8) John Carlson: Finishing his seventh season (Debut was November 20, 2009)

9) Jason Chimera: Finishing his seventh season (Debut was Dec. 30, 2009)

10) Wilson Ramos: Starting his seventh season (Debut was May 2, 2010)

11) Bill Hamid: Starting his seventh season (Debut was May 5, 2010, although he signed with the team in 2009)

12) Stephen Strasburg: Starting his seventh season (Debut was June 8, 2010)

13) Danny Espinosa: Starting his seventh season (Debut was Sept. 1, 2010)

John Wall remains the longest-tenured Wizard, although he’s only finishing his sixth season and does not make this list. Five other Redskins have been here about a month longer than Wall: Kory Lichtensteiger, Perry Riley, Nick Sundberg, Trent Williams and Darrel Young, who all debuted in September 2010.