(Kim Smith)

Kim Smith is a veteran of the Post’s Peeps diorama contest. Her past entries have included punny odes to a few of her favorite things, including “Les Miserables”, BBC’s “Sherlock” and “The Shining.” Smith’s entry isn’t among the five finalists in this year’s 10th anniversary contest, the winner of which will be announced on March 21, but she may have outdone herself  with her “Washington Peepitals: Unleash the Fury” creation.

“I wanted to do something with ‘Where’s Waldo?’ so I wanted a big group scene,” said Smith, a 26-year-old systems engineer who lives in Springfield, Va. “I was trying to find a crowd scene I could fit him in and something red and white that he could blend in. When I thought of a Caps game, it turned into more Caps and less Waldo because I love the Caps.”

Smith started working on her diorama in January and tinkered with it over the next six weeks.

“My boyfriend is a saint and hung out with me while I worked on it,” Smith said. “He made a handful of the ones in the crowd, including the superheroes.”

That’s right. Superheroes. The scene is full of surprises, including several famous characters and celebrities in the Verizon Center crowd.

“I love doing the Easter egg bit,” said Smith, who included the Racing Presidents, Waldo and Waldo’s nemesis Odlaw among others. There’s a nod to the Chick-fil-A “Spot the Cow” promotion at every Capitals home game and peeps puns throughout the scene. With 3:27 (that’s an Easter egg, too) remaining in the third period and Brandon Holtpeep tending goal, Tom Greenpeep is prepared to unleash the fury on the Verizon Center video board. And hey, isn’t that Jonathan Peepelbon choking Bryce Harper about eight rows up?

“I was at that game last summer and watched that happen,” Smith said. “It was totally embarrassing, but it was something that was really funny to me, so I wanted to put it in there. I didn’t want to overly offend anyone. I’m a Nats fan, so I’m not proud of it, but it was big news.”

(Kim Smith)

It was big news, which is why it’s hardly surprising that other artists commemorated the Papelbon-Harper incident in marshmallow form. The attention to detail in the entry from Melinda Greene, Kirsten Crabtree, Michele Forte and Jill Weissman — including bubble-blowing Max Scherzer’s heterochromia — is phenomenal.

(Melinda Greene)

Cara Lynch and Chris Lynch took a wider view of the Peepelbon-Harper incident.

(Cara Lynch)

Maura Ryan was one of several fans who celebrated the Nationals’ MVPeep. She also included a shoutout to F.Peep Santangelo.

(Maura Ryan)

Kari Walker paid tribute to D.C.’s four major pro sports teams. Can you spot the Redskins’ Peepettes and Ted Leonspeep?

(Kari Walker)