This post has been updated with an official statement from Walmart.

The outlines of Colorado and Wyoming look somewhat similar. Mississippi resembles Alabama flipped horizontally. New Hampshire sort of looks like Vermont rotated clockwise 180 degrees. These are common stumbling blocks for elementary school students learning to identify states on a map.

Maryland, though, looks nothing like Massachusetts, which makes these Russell Athletic T-shirts that were available until Monday at Walmart featuring the Terps’ logo on the outline of Massachusetts so ridiculous.

The first mention of the goof appeared on Twitter last summer. When a customer spotted the error last week and tweeted at Walmart with a handy image showing that Massachusetts and Maryland look quite different on a map, a Walmart employee responded with an explanation … of sorts.

On Monday, another Walmart employee replied with a turtle pun and a Walmart spokesman apologized for the mistake in a statement that indicated the shirts will be removed from stores.

“We are working with Russell Athletic to determine how this happened and in the meantime are removing the shirt from our stores,” the spokesman wrote in an e-mail to The Post. “We understand the pride Marylanders feel for the Terps, and apologize for the mistake.”

I just want to know if Russell Athletic made Boston College shirts featuring the state of Maryland.

Thanks to Testudo Times for sharing.