(Photo courtesy of MoCo Running)
(Photo courtesy of MoCo Running)

When it comes to high school track and field, few events are more perilous than the steeplechase. Just ask Dylan Weamert, a senior at Northern High in Calvert County, MD., who looked more like a diver than a distance runner when he plunged face first into the water pit at Georgetown Prep on Saturday.

On the fifth and final lap of Saturday’s 2,000-meter event at the Woodward Relays, Weamert approached the course’s lone water pit in sixth or seventh place, as he recalled to the Post a few hours after the race. His feet were wet from those previous forays into the pit, so he tried gaining extra leverage on the jump by propelling himself off the hurdle with his hand. Except instead of grabbing the hurdle, Weamert ended up nosediving into the water like a hawk that just spotted its prey.

Another look:

Weamert laughed off the flub and gamely finished the final 150 meters, placing 10th in the 18-man race with a final time of 7 minutes 7.12 seconds. It marked the first time he’d ever crashed in the pit, which he used to think was only a foot deep in the deep end, until he was fully submerged Saturday afternoon.

Weamert’s mishap was a jarring moment on an unseasonably cold day in the D.C. area. High temperatures hovered in the mid-40s in Bethesda, MD., with scattered showers and sustained winds around 20-25 mph.

Still, the brave runner/diver emerged unscathed and wasn’t shy about embracing the social media frenzy that ensued. From Weamert’s Twitter page: