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Caps’ Iron Maiden-inspired playoff shirts include ‘Entitled to Nothing’ slogan

The Capitals unveiled new playoff T-shirts and hats on Tuesday, a tradition the franchise has observed off and on since Washington players donned “Workahaolic” T-shirts leading up to the team’s first playoff appearance in 1983.

This year’s Iron Maiden-inspired T-shirts feature the slogan “Entitled to Nothing” on the front and back, and the cities on the Capitals’ 2016 “Cup Tour.” Those cities include Philadelphia, which Washington will visit in the first round, as well as some of Washington’s other potential stops en route to the Stanley Cup. (Washington won’t have much reason to visit Raleigh or Boston this spring, seeing as how the Hurricanes and Bruins didn’t make the playoffs.) The ‘XVI’ on the hats represents the 16 wins necessary to win the Stanley Cup.

The long-sleeve version of the shirts features a larger skull with the “Entitled to Nothing” slogan on the back. There’s no word yet on whether the shirts will be available to fans, or if they’re only team-issued. (Update: Sorry, friends. The shirts aren’t for sale.)

Last season, the Capitals wore Abe Lincoln-inspired T-shirts and hats for the playoffs, a nod to the “Honest Abe” award bestowed upon a player in the locker room after every win. They also wore T-shirts with wolf eyes, commemorating one of Coach Barry Trotz’s favorite expressions: “Feed the right wolf.”

There was an Iron Maiden-Capitals connection before this year’s shirts and hats were made. The heavy metal band’s song “The Wicker Man” is played at Verizon Center after every Capitals goal.