Former Redskins Pro Bowl offensive lineman Tre Johnson, a self-described skeptic by nature, didn’t think about the Redskins team name during his playing days from 1994 to 2002. After he was approached two years ago by a representative of the National Congress of American Indians, who explained why he found the team’s name offensive, the Temple graduate and Landon School history teacher finally considered the issue.

“I was like, ‘Yeah, you’re right, if it’s something you find offensive,’ ” Johnson recalled Thursday in a telephone interview with The Post’s Liz Clarke. “I read a little bit more about it. And I was a culprit, as well. I was not as in tune culturally as a younger guy as I am now.”

In June 2014, Johnson told former Post columnist Mike Wise he “definitely” thought the name should be changed.

“We’re progressive and intellectual enough to realize something like that is offensive,” Johnson said at the time. “And it’s offensive because a group of people that that moniker represents has said so.”

When asked about a new Washington Post poll that shows nine out of 10 Native Americans are not offended by the Washington Redskins name, Johnson told Clarke he was interested in learning more about the poll’s methodology and also that the views of the Native Americans who do find the name offensive are relevant.

“What about the 10 percent, then?” Johnson asked. “There are a lot of people in our culture today who are African-American and use the [n-word]. Well, I don’t want that used because it affects my kids and their view of the world and their view of themselves. I might be in the 10 percent of African-Americans on that, based on the use in music and movies today. But I still feel offended by that word, and I don’t want it used. I don’t want my kids and future generations thinking that term is acceptable or has any valid definition going forward in the 21st century.

“It all comes down to whether this is a majority-wins issue. Do we care about everybody? Or do we care about most people? Do we only care about the majority and the majority culture? This has been an argument of minorities for some time.”

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