Redskins cornerback Josh Norman wasn’t familiar with the Easterns Motors jingle before last week. There’s a chance he hasn’t stopped singing “Your Job’s Your Credit” since.

“Man, I haven’t watched TV since I got here,” Norman confessed Friday after arriving at Easterns’ corporate headquarters in Sterling, where he and teammates Kirk Cousins and Ryan Kerrigan gathered to shoot the latest collection of catchy commercials for the used and pre-owned car dealership.

After Norman, Cousins and Kerrigan praised the virtues of Easterns while wearing suits, they were presented their own yellow jerseys like the ones donned by a select fraternity of local athletes to star in Easterns commercials before them, including Alex Ovechkin, Clinton Portis, LaVar Arrington and Sean Taylor.

“I think this has just become a rite of passage for athletes in the D.C. area,” said Easterns director of marketing Joel Bassam, the son of Easterns founder Robert Bassam. “People really get excited about this and we have a lot of fun doing it. It’s kind of become part of who we are.”

Norman and Kerrigan  followed cue cards as they lip-synced the memorable jingle from the front seat of a Mercedes convertible over and over again.

“Work the camera, Ryan” one of the videographers said during one take.

“It went smooth and I think it’s going to turn out nice,” Norman, who needed no such direction, said after nearly three hours of shooting.

For Kerrigan, the latest addition to an acting résumé that includes the unforgettable role of “The Sun” in ads for Thompson Creek windows and last summer’s cameo in “Sharknado 3” should help increase his cred around Redskins Park.

“I’d be very surprised if Coach Gruden doesn’t play this in front of the whole team at a team meeting in the coming weeks,” Kerrigan said. “Having Josh and Kirk here made it a little lighter because I figured not all eyes were on me, so it made it more fun. It was cool being able to shoot the commercial with Josh.”

Cousins, who wore his burgundy blazer for part of Friday’s shoot, didn’t lip-sync the jingle, despite his being — by far — the most accomplished singer in attendance.

“My style of music I think is a little different than this,” said Cousins, who did break out his “You like that!” phrase for the camera.

One of the highlights of Friday’s shoot, which will be turned into several spots to be released later this year, was Kerrigan borrowing Cousins’s “You like that!” celebration and Cousins returning the favor by copying Kerrigan’s post-sack pose — the HBK. The quarterback managed a pretty good imitation of the move.

“I think this is the best one we’ve done, at least in my tenure,” Joel Bassam, a veteran of four Easterns commercial shoots, said. “I just think that the guys were really into it. I think we just get better at this every time we do it as well.”

Cousins’s conversion van didn’t make an appearance in the shoot like Alfred Morris’s 1991 Mazda did in a 2013 Easterns commercial, but he confirmed that he has no plans to trade it in.

“I’m never going to get rid of it,” Cousins said. “It’s 16 years old, so driving it every day from A to B would beat it up pretty quickly, so I’ve got to kind of pick and choose my spots. When people come to town for games, it’s great because you can fit seven comfortably and it’s a long drive from Ashburn to FedEx Field. We’ll probably use the van for that.”