Paperboy Prince shows off his signature look at Verizon Center. (Photo courtesy David Porter/Next Generation Entertainment)

Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs says he can see the future and it includes Kevin Durant in a Wizards jersey. Russell Westbrook, too, unless that’s just a mirage.

Paper, the rapper who got his name by delivering the Bowie Blade-News as a kid, is a regular at Wizards games. He released a mixtape called “Young Wizard” last year and started a GoFundMe campaign this week in an effort to bring Durant, the NBA’s premier free agent and a Prince George’s County native, home.

“I have been dreaming of Kevin Durant  playing for the Wizards since he was at Montrose Christian Academy,” Paper told The Post on Wednesday.

How does he plan to lure the Thunder star to D.C.? With a lot of love, a little bit of magic and $20 million of straight cash, homey. From the “Help Bring Kevin Durant to D.C.” GoFundMe page:

“He loves DC, he named his shoes after PG County, he loves spending time here in the offseason and listening to GOGO. He wants to Come back to DC but he cant unless we show that we love him! … Once we reach our goal we will either donate the 20 million to the Wizards to get the Durantula or we will donate it to Kevin Durant’s favorite charity since he loves our community so much!

After one day, the campaign had raised $6.

“I’m not discouraged because Rome wasn’t built in a day,” Paper said. “All we need is one million people with $20 or two million people with $10. I hold the Paperboy Prince blessing. I literally know that with my words and my energy and the Wizards fans behind me, we can make anything happen. We’re not the Raptors. What kind of name for a team is that? We’re the Wizards. Literally magic is in our name. It’s about believing in the impossible. We’re going to make the impossible happen. That’s what being a Wizard is about.”

Paper, who promised to release a new song after the campaign received its first donation, dropped “KD2DC” on Wednesday night. He described the sound as “like Harry Potter mixed with Zulu dancing” and said the beat was created with a drum purchased from a musician in Durant’s home town of Seat Pleasant.

“KD’s going to be bumping this on his iPod for a while,” Paper said of the song, which includes shout-outs to Ted Leonsis, President Obama, Durant’s mom and John Wall. “He’s going to be listening to this on his way to D.C.”

Paper would like to shoot a music video with “one million Wizards fans” to show Durant how much D.C. loves him. It’s that love, he said, that will convince Durant to sign with the Wizards.

“He could go to the Lakers,” Paper said. “He could go to the Warriors, but just like LeBron, he took his talents to South Beach, but the only thing he wanted to do was go home. You can go wherever you want to go, but it won’t be home.”