The Washington Capitals marched in their first official Capital Pride Parade on Saturday, and right at the front of the team’s delegation was Braden Holtby.

Draped in a rainbow flag and sporting a red Capitals “RockTheRainbow” T-shirt, the team’s netminder shook hands, took selfies with fans lining the parade route and marched with wife Brandi, along with dozens of others in red, including Capitals’ PA announcer Wes Johnson.

Holtby and and Brandi attended last year’s Capital Pride Festival, but this marks their first year as official participants. Still, as noted by Post columnist Dan Steinberg, the Vezina Trophy finalist’s support of the LGBT community goes beyond Saturday’s event. He’s a supporter of You Can Play, a group that works to ensure equality in sports without regard to sexual orientation or gender identity, and attended the Human Rights Campaign’s national dinner last year.

“My wife has taught me a lot more about it than I knew before, and kind of broadened my views on a lot of LGBT community issues,” Holtby told the Post on Wednesday. “We’ve just gotten to know people in around the community, and the issues they go through and what they’re trying to accomplish. We’ve tried to support them in different ways to create equality, basically. It’s something that we both feel is an issue that’s close to us, an issue we believe in, and this is one way to show that.”

The Capitals, including mascot, Slapshot, participated in Saturday’s event in conjunction with You Can Play.

Holtby isn’t the only NHL player to participate in a Pride event this year, but he’s among the most recognizable names to officially participate.