Over the weekend, ESPN’s Marc Stein reported that the Warriors, Spurs and Thunder will get the first three opportunities to woo Kevin Durant this offseason. Stein’s ESPN colleague, Chris Broussard, reported Monday that the Celtics, Heat and Clippers have also scheduled meetings with the NBA’s premier free agent-to-be.

Has Ernie Grunfeld checked to make sure his voicemail inbox isn’t full?

“No chance,” Broussard said of the Wizards’ chances of signing Durant, echoing what a source told USA Today’s Sam Amick about Washington not being expected to even land a meeting with the hometown star.

While the Wizards’ absence from Durant’s shortlist of potential suitors might come as a surprise to fans who have held onto the KD2DC dream, it makes sense to anyone who has been paying attention. As The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski wrote Friday, “Durant’s public and private criteria for the free-agent selection process have pertained to a singular focus: the chance to win titles immediately.” Washington, which missed the playoffs last season, doesn’t provide that chance, even for a former MVP.

With no clear plan for the future, besides a Hail Mary play to land Durant, it’s best that the Wizards and their fans aren’t led on by the D.C. native and former Montrose Christian star. A courtesy meeting with Washington would amount to little more than false hope; now, the Wizards can turn their attention to figuring out how else to spend their money when free agency begins on July 1. AH2DC doesn’t have the same ring to it, but Al Horford would be much more than a consolation prize this offseason.

KD2DC had a good run. In January 2014, the idea of Durant coming home to play in the city where he watched the NBA draft lottery at ESPN Zone with high school teammate Greivis Vasquez was real and exciting. John Wall, who shared a trainer with Durant and worked out with him a few times during the summer, laughed then about planting seeds for the Thunder star to one day join forces with him in D.C.

“I throw a little slick shots here and there,” Wall said of his recruitment of Durant. “Try something.”

“I don’t even want to think about that,” Durant said of playing for the Wizards before the Thunder lost at Verizon Center a few days later. “I haven’t given it any thought, playing up here. I love Oklahoma City. I love coming here and visiting.”

Durant’s next two trips to Verizon Center were circuses. He called the reception he received “disrespectful” to the Wizards and reports surfaced that he believed playing his home games where he grew up could become a distraction. Durant apparently still doesn’t even want to think about playing in D.C., and who can blame him?

“It’s his heart and his decision if he wants to meet with us,” Wall told CSN on Sunday. “If he feels like he can win a championship here, so be it. If not, he probably won’t come. The way this season went might play into it. … I think it’s early. Everybody knew the teams he was going to meet with early on, Warriors, Spurs, but after that you got to figure it out. But if you don’t have a shot you have to move on.”

The KD2DC dream is dead before free agency officially begins. Maybe now we can all move on.