Jay Z performs like Josh Norman, isn’t normal. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

On Sunday, DJ Khaled released a video for “I Got the Keys,” the latest single off his upcoming LP “Major Key.” The NSFW song features Future and Jay Z, who name-drops Redskins cornerback Josh Norman around the one-minute mark, as noted by Redskins beat writer Master Tesfatsion:

I been speeding through life with no safety belt.
One-on-one with the corner, with no safety help.
I perform like Josh Norman, I ain’t normal.

After they heard the song, two of Norman’s former teammates with the Carolina Panthers, Thomas Davis and Mike Tolbert, tweeted at Norman about the honor.



Norman, who apparently answered a few questions about the song during a taped segment with Fox Sports’s Jason Whitlock on Monday, took the ribbing in stride.

In 2014, ESPN the Magazine’s Matt Walks documented every athlete who was name-dropped in a song by Jay Z going back to his 1996 debut album “Reasonable Doubt.” There’s no shortage of athletes with local ties who have been mentioned by the 46-year-old rapper and founder of the high-end boutique athlete agency Roc Nation Sports. Here’s a sampling:

Manute Bol
Album: In My Lifetime, Vol. 1
Song: Where I’m From
Lyric: “Whether you’re four-feet or Manute-size…”

Allen Iverson
Vol. 2 … Hard Knock Life
Song: Money Ain’t A Thang
Lyric: “I’m The Truth like A.I., got the proof and stay fly…”

Michael Jordan
The Best of Both Worlds
Song: The Best of Both Worlds
Lyric: “It’s not even close, just leave it alone, I’m Michael Jordan, I play for the team I own…”

Cal Ripken Jr.
Album: The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse
Song: What They Gonna Do
Lyric: “Before Mitchell & Ness did it, I was moving birds like a Oriole fitted, I’m Cal Ripken Jr. let’s get it…”

Freddy Adu
Album: American Gangster
Song: American Gangster
Lyric: “And then I bid you Freddy Adu…”

Kevin Durant
Album: Magna Carta Holy Grail
Song: Crown
Lyric: “It’s a new day, hit up KD…”

Update: CSN’s Chase Hughes notes that Nationals pitcher Lucas Giolito used the song as his walk-up song during his major league debut on Tuesday.