Gilbert Arenas chats with Nick Young in 2008.  (Jonathan Newton/TWP)

As great as former Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas was on the basketball court, he transformed into one of the most unpredictable and outrageous players off of it. His antics ranged from bringing a gun to the Verizon Center locker room in 2009 to admitting on his Instagram page that he committed credit card fraud.

Arenas was the face of one of the most exciting eras in franchise history, followed by one of the most embarrassing, which took place with names such as Andray Blatche, JaVale McGee and Nick Young dotting the roster.

Young himself has gotten himself into a fair share of trouble recently, most notably via his nasty split from fiancee Iggy Azalea after she found out he cheated on her with an ex-girlfriend and all the assorted drama that came next. He also nearly mangled his right hand while messing around with live explosives on the fourth of July.

Which brings us to Arenas recently deciding to stop by Young’s house and document the experience on Snapchat. [Video contains some inappropriate language] Arenas’s username of “NoChillGil” is quite appropriate. He really has no chill.

“Agent Zero” starts off the visit by hopping the gate surrounding Young’s house because he claims Young won’t give him the gate code. Once he enters Young’s house, Arenas asks why he keeps cheating on Iggy all the time. Later in the video Arenas paints over the “GY” in Iggy’s name on the wall. Arenas then walks around to various empty rooms, commenting that Iggy “emptied this thing out. She didn’t even leave a photograph” in there. Arenas also joked that he was “the new O.J.” and that he would “take care of [your baby’s mother] for a low, low price” while displaying a knife.

Young’s love life wasn’t the only thing in Arenas’s crosshairs. Arenas and Young were walking on “Swaggy P’s” basketball court when Arenas said “You got a basketball court in your back yard and you still can’t get no [expletive] playing time?” Young averaged 19.1 minutes per game with the Los Angeles Lakers during the 2015-2016 season.

Young’s son, Nick Jr., wasn’t safe from Arenas, either. Arenas picked on the 4-year-old by knocking a toy off the couch while he was playing with it after saying “you know I love the kids, right?” While Young and his son were playing on the court, Arenas laughed at Nick Jr. because he was crying after a basketball hit him in the head. Arenas later asks Nick Jr. “do you like me,” to which he replies “no.” Arenas then tells him “Then I don’t like you, either,” takes the scooter Nick Jr. is standing on and throws it across the yard. Young can be heard in the background yelling “What the [expletive] you doing to my son?”

Somehow, Young seemed to take most of the day’s jokes in stride. It’s not such a good look when you make Nick Young appear to be the rational member of the group.