Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins’s stated goal of being the San Antonio Spurs of the NFL — “super boring” and quite good, that is — just got a little easier thanks to the good folks at AAA.

In what qualified as drama at one of the most drama-free Redskins training camps in recent memory, Cousins, who has driven his grandparents’ old GMC conversion van for the past three years, showed up to Richmond before the first day of camp in a pickup truck. He claimed the battery was dead and hoped his wife, Julie, would get it fixed while he was gone.

On Tuesday, Cousins tweeted a photo of the limited-edition 2000 model with good news after being spotted driving the van out of Redskins Park.

“I’m never going to get rid of it,” Cousins said of the van at an Easterns Motors commercial shoot in May. “It’s 16 years old, so to be driving it every single day from [point] A to B is going to beat it up pretty quickly, so I’ve got to pick my spots. When people come to town for games it’s great because you can fit seven comfortably and it’s a long drive from Ashburn to FedEx Field, so you want to be comfortable. We’ll probably take the van to and from games when all my family comes into town, but around town and going to Redskins Park on a daily basis I’ll be driving the pickup truck.”

It sounds like the van will be making an appearance at FedEx Field on Friday.