Washington Wizards guards John Wall, right, and Bradley Beal don’t always get along on the court. (Alex Brandon/Associated Press)

There’s still two months to go before the NBA season kicks off, but already there appears to be problems festering between Wizards stars John Wall and Bradley Beal. Wall was pretty open about his view on Beal, who recently agreed to a five-year, $128 million deal with Washington, in an interview with CSN’s Chris Miller.

“I think a lot of times we have a tendency to dislike each other on the court,” Wall said in the interview that’s set to air Tuesday night at 7:30 p.m.

This could spell trouble for the team and Wall knows it, which is why he said he’s hoping the two can work out their problems before the season opener against the Atlanta Hawks on Oct. 27.

“You got to be able to put that to the side,” Wall said of his issues with Beal. “Once I argue with somebody I’m cool, I let it pass. I’m back to playing basketball.”

He added: “I want [Beal] to be an all-star just as much as I’m an all-star.”

Beal, meanwhile, remained more coy about his relationship with Wall.

“It’s tough because we’re both alphas,” he told Miller. “It’s always tough when you have two guys who firmly believe in themselves, who are better on themselves than anyone else, and who want to be, you know, that guy.”

Beal conceded: “But we both can be that guy … and sometimes I think we both lose sight that we need each other.”

The latest revelations about the dynamics between Wall and Beal come just months after rumors abounded regarding the team’s older players finding both Wall, 25, and Beal, 23, hard to relate to and deal with during games. According to another report from CSN in April (via CBS Sports), a handful of unnamed veterans referred to both players as “hard-headed.”

“In other words,” CSN’s report said, “when adversity strikes, it’s competing ideas on what they should do next and they’re not receptive to advice or suggestions.”

The Wizards failed to make the playoffs last season after a successful run the previous year. The underlying sentiment to all the rumors is that if the team can’t get along, especially its top two stars, the 2016-17 season will end similarly to the last.