During the Redskins’ loss to the Steelers on ESPN’s “Monday Night Football,” Northern Virginia-based delivery chain Paisano’s debuted a new ad featuring six D.C. athletes from three sports.

Pierre Garcon, who has been the face of Paisano’s since he joined the Redskins in 2012 and partnered with Paisano’s chief executive Fouad A. Qreitem to open the fast casual pizza concept SpinFire last year, is featured in the 30-second spot, along with teammates Chris Baker and Ryan Kerrigan, and former Redskins wide receiver Santana Moss. The real stars of the commercial, however, are a couple of new additions — former Bullets center Gheorghe Muresan and Capitals defenseman Karl Alzner.

The ad was shot by Springfield, Va.-based ESB Advertising, the same agency that created Michael and Son’s Super Bowl commercial featuring Mike Tyson earlier this year. ESB founder Eiman Bassam explained that he was looking to branch out in his latest series of ads for Paisano’s, which is why he looked beyond the Redskins’ roster for talent. He struck gold with Muresan and Alzner, whose dancing skills are mesmerizing.

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” Bassam promised Tuesday. “We’re just getting started.”

So, what else is coming? Commercials in which the players have actual lines, for one. Bassam said the 7-foot-7 Muresan will be featured in a future spot touting the larger size of Paisano’s pizza relative to its competitors, and he’s been in touch with U.S. women’s national team and Washington Spirit star Ali Krieger about doing a commercial in the coming months.

As for the ad that debuted Monday, Bassam said the players were all shot in front of a green screen on different days starting in late June up until a few weeks ago.

“We told the players to come hungry and get ready to eat some good food,” said Bassam, who allowed the players to pick their favorite Paisano’s food items for the shoot.

Muresan is partial to the Stromboli, while Baker prefers the pizza.

“Chris Baker, we did like 10 takes with the food and he never spit anything out,” Bassam said.

Check out the blooper reel, in which Muresan crushes a slice of pizza and declares, “I’m 7-foot-7 and I know big, and Paisano’s Greek salad is a tiny giant.”