David Ortiz was not quite this amused when he took a baseball bat to a dugout phone at Camden Yards in 2013. (Gregory Bull/AP)

Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz had 120 hits in Camden Yards entering Thursday night’s game against the Baltimore Orioles. But none may be more memorable than the one he delivered on the visiting dugout’s phone on July 27, 2013.

After asking home plate umpire Tim Timmons for a timeout and not getting his wish, Ortiz watched a strike sail over the plate. A few pitches later he struck out and let Timmons hear about it, which resulted in Ortiz being tossed from the game while being held back by Boston Manager John Farrell. Ortiz then took his frustration out on the visiting clubhouse’s dugout phone, smashing it into pieces and almost hitting members of the Red Sox with shrapnel.

Time heals all wounds, except in the case of the phone, which the Orioles kept after all these years. As Ortiz was set to begin his final night playing in Camden Yards on Thursday, Baltimore center fielder Adam Jones presented the 40-year-old with the phone he destroyed three years ago. Ortiz reportedly left the phone behind with Jones jokingly letting Ortiz know he abandoned his present. The team also presented Ortiz a $10,000 check to The World Pediatric Project in his name to aid ill children in the Dominican Republic.

“We considered a video having some fun at Ortiz’s expense: his 29 at-bats vs our old friend Brian Matusz, resulting in 4 hits & a .138 avg,” the Orioles tweeted.

The team instead chose to play a highlight video of Ortiz’s biggest home runs against the New York Yankees, a team both Baltimore and Boston can agree to dislike.