For a starting quarterback in a major market with a $19.95 million salary and the second-most passing yards in the league, Kirk Cousins has had surprisingly few endorsement deals. He has done Eastern Motors. He has a radio show on 106.7 The Fan. He’s involved with the Washington Humane Society, and has done work for several other charities. But it’s not exactly an Aaron Rodgers-style portfolio.

Well, Cousins now has at least one more major sponsorship deal. It’s with Virginia Tire & Auto, which happens to be the same shop that services his 16-year-old conversion van.

I mean, is that not the most Kirk Cousins endorsement deal you could ever imagine?

Virginia Tire & Auto — a Fairfax-based “leading full-service provider of automotive maintenance” — and VTA Valet — Northern Virginia’s “first full service on-demand auto repair platform” — announced this week that Cousins would be their new spokesman, and would appear in radio spots, print ads and in-store marketing.

“A partnership with the cost-conscious QB was a natural fit as Kirk has been a customer of Virginia Tire & Auto since 2014, bringing his 16-year old conversion van into the shop to ensure he keeps it in top shape,” the press release actually read.

Being a hard-hitting journalist, I asked whether this is actually true, and was assured that Cousins’s relationship with VTA indeed began when he started having his van serviced there. You might recall that Cousins began driving his grandparents’ van back in 2014, before he became a fancy starter with press conferences and stuff, because his grandfather had passed away and his grandmother no longer needed it.

“So I said why don’t I buy it off you?” Cousins told me then. “It’ll serve us well, because my wife and I each have a car, but then when people come into town it’ll kind of be a third car. And it’s perfect for driving the hour-and-a-half from Ashburn to the games. And then they can tailgate, and they’ve got a TV in there, and you can kind of carry luggage in there. So it works well when visitors come to town for games, and Julie and I will take it on road trips in the offseason.”

Plus the van “sits high and it’s comfortable,” Cousins told me then. And sure enough, the van is regularly spotted at Redskins Park. Cousins also drives a pickup truck nowadays, but he’s said he’ll never get rid of the van.

Cousins recorded the radio spots and did his photo shoot this week; the official print ads are still in the works. But as you can see, his van is already a franchise-tag-worthy star.