“Trust me – our players really appreciate it when you are loud and proud,” Nats principal owner Mark Lerner wrote in a letter to fans this week. “It does not go unnoticed, in fact, it makes a huge difference. So I want you to stand up and cheer when we get two strikes on a Dodgers’ batter. Stand up and cheer for our players by name. Stand up for the entire game if that’s what it takes!”

That’s a lot of standing! And it reminded one Bog reader of the Giants NLDS series two years ago, when several fans complained to the media that ushers had told them to sit down.

“My section 106 just got yelled at for standing up during an attempt at a rally. Kind of embarrassing,” one fan wrote.

“Usher just told two people to sit down. I didn’t know people [sat] down during playoffs,” another wrote.

“Fans are being told not to stand up or encourage others to,” a third wrote.

So, are critics of the standing police now able to stand down? So to speak?

“Any chance you can use your sleuthing skills to figure out from the Nationals whether standing and cheering will actually be permitted this time?” my reader asked. “Will enforcement rules be changed?”

The answer, as it turns out, is easy. Standing is permitted, according to the Nats. People should stand and cheer. Go crazy, people.

As it turns out, Nats players have consistently this week asked fans to make noise, something that often happens when they (the fans) stand.

“If they show up and they’ve got energy and they’re loud and they’re in on the game, we feel that energy as players,” Shawn Kelley said on 106.7 The Fan. “Home-field advantage is a big deal, there’s a reason we fought for it — so we could be here, be in our own beds, be in our time zone, have our own fans screaming and yelling and doing the ‘Nats Nats Nats woo!’ thing. We feel that, we hear it, we get vibes from that.”

“Hopefully, our D.C. fans will be able to come out this weekend and give us that advantage,” Anthony Rendon said on the same station. “If you want to stay at home and watch it on TV, I mean, that’s fine too, but I think it might be better for y’all to come to the game and see it first-hand for yourself.”

So the pressure is on. After all, Yahoo’s baseball blog recently ranked all 10 playoff franchises. The Nats came in 10th. “I’ve never seen a Nats fan in the wild. Maybe if they win that will change. Show yourselves, Nats fans!” one of the contributors wrote.

And a sports-radio host in L.A. — L.A.!!!! — spoke not-so-highly about Nats fans.

“Turns out nobody in D.C. likes or cares about the Nationals,” he said, during a complicated and largely tongue-in-cheek conversation. “It’s a great park, but nobody cares. They really don’t care. It’s a Redskins town; you know that.”

Anyhow, that’s besides the point. The point is, you can stand. And if anyone tries to stop you, by gum you can print out this blog item and show it to them.