Bruce Boudreau wants justice. (Jim Mone/Associated Press)

Ex-Capitals Coach Bruce Boudreau found a new job this year with the Minnesota Wild, but he lost much of his stuff in the process. According to the Star Tribune, the 61-year-old has spent the past two months fighting with a moving company that allegedly mishandled a bunch of his property during his attempt to relocate from Pennsylvania.

“[Boudreau’s wife] Crystal’s losing it because one-third of two houses is gone,” Boudreau told the Star Tribune of the moving company’s botched attempt to pack up the contents of two houses in three trucks and move it west. “We’re basically getting half-broken furniture. We lost five big-screen TVs, a bubble hockey game, popcorn makers, tables. My wife used to run a business; they called her the Chocolate Lady. The chocolate fountain was destroyed. So much stuff, pictures, lots of pictures, all the frames destroyed.”

According to Boudreau, the unnamed moving company has blamed a July 25 truck accident for destroying the contents of one of the three trucks. Boudreau suspects another story is behind the disappearance of the most precious item — a safe.

“It’s hard to destroy a safe,” Boudreau said, noting that after viewing a video of two of the movers transferring the safe from one truck to another, he believes it was stolen.

“We want justice,” Boudreau told the Star Tribune. “I’ve never been sort of violated like this. … I don’t think it was a planned robbery or anything, but they took advantage of the situation. But they didn’t count on there being video.”

Boudreau said he is less concerned about the monetary value of the missing safe’s contents and more upset about the sentimental value.

Besides his prized “Spiderman” comics collection, the safe contained irreplaceable sports memorabilia, including his two Canadian Hockey League championship rings and his American Hockey League Hall of Fame ring. It also contained an engraved Rolex gifted to him by Capitals owner Ted Leonsis for winning his first division title during the 2007-08 season.

“I don’t see us getting anything back even though there’s that 1 percent of yourself that would like to think maybe,” he said.

No charges have been filed in the case, although police are still investigating, the Star Tribune reports.

“I just want them arrested because I know they did it,” Boudreau concluded.