Kicker Dustin Hopkins, right, celebrates with Tress Way after kicking a second quarter field goal against the Browns last week. (Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Tress Way apparently isn’t just a skilled punter. He’s also the tops when it comes to table tennis. He likely doesn’t have Olympic-level skills, but he’s got enough talent to find himself at the top of the Redskins’ locker room ping pong leaderboard.

Yes, welcome to the wonderful world of “The Ladder of Ping Pong,” a locker room tournament that pits teammate against teammate. Judging from the roster, it appears there are no restrictions on who can enter. There are rookies and veterans, offensive and defensive players, guys with big contracts, guys with standard contracts, etc. It appears anyone can win and anyone can lose, which brings us to Niles Paul, who’s currently bringing up the rear.

Luckily, it’s still early in the season so the tight end has plenty of time to climb his way to the top. According to the official “Ladder of Ping Pong” rules, players can challenge anyone within three spots of their current place. So, if Paul wanted to leap ahead, he could skip over Matt Jones and Pierre Garçon and go straight after Jamison Crowder.

If he does, Crowder would have to accept the duel because, “You CANNOT turn down a challenge.”

That means Way shouldn’t get too comfortable on top. He’s got Nick Sunderberg, Dustin Hopkins and Kory Lichtensteiger breathing down his neck.

Hopefully the nerves of such strenuous competition, however, doesn’t rattle him ahead of Sunday’s game against the Baltimore Ravens.