On one of the tensest nights in recent D.C. sports history, Washington fans took out their angst, energy, frustration, loathing, worry and agitation on the juiciest target of all: Metro.

After weeks of concerns about the Nationals potentially playing a thrilling home playoff game with massive stakes while the mass-transit system shuttered early, the day finally arrived Thursday. Well, the night. Or Friday’s early morning.

Despite a busy day of last-minute pleas from local officials, WMATA stuck to its no-exceptions-for-late-hours SafeTrack promise, and the system closed at its regular time, with the announcement coming during that disastrous (for Washington) seventh inning.

The response to that standard announcement? Boos. Chants. Boos and chants. Washingtonians united, as they are so rarely in these troubled times, coming together to support — or oppose, anyhow — one common cause.

This is our city simultaneously at its worst and its finest. Drink it all in.

As for those concerns that people would flee, well, they seem to have been unfounded. Good job, everyone!