Heartbreak Hotline: Nat's fans call in

Post sports reporters Jerry Brewer and Chelsea Janes discussed the Nats' loss with heartbroken fans. Read our analysis about the game here: http://wapo.st/2dPVYrm

Posted by Washington Post Sports on Friday, October 14, 2016

If you’re a Nationals fan, last night’s loss stung. And if you’re like Brenda, a fan from Silver Spring, you may have stayed in bed Friday with the blinds closed.

Nats beat reporter Chelsea Janes and columnist Jerry Brewer went on Facebook Live to discuss takeaways from last night’s National League Division Series finale and walk fans through the five stages of grief on a temporary Heartbreak Hotline set up by The Post.

“When does the hurt end?” Brenda asked.

“You have to go back on the fact that this team is built to continue to compete,” Brewer said. “It doesn’t make it hurt any less, but it does let you know that when you do have the courage to open those blinds, that maybe you will see some light coming back at you.”

It might feel like a long wait until the Nats can compete again, but don’t worry. Brenda said she would go outside and play some golf.