Redskins GM Scot McCloughan embraces Kirk Cousins after Sunday’s game. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

Unlike last year’s “You like that!” and last week’s “Oooohweeee,” Kirk Cousins didn’t wait until he was in the tunnel that leads to the Redskins’ locker room to unleash his latest post-game display of raw emotion. The third six-second installment of the Kirk Cousins Vine trilogy — “Revenge of the QB,” produced by CSN Mid-Atlantic — is Cousins’s most inspired performance yet.

“How do you like me now?!” Cousins shouted in Redskins GM Scot McCloughan’s ear as the two embraced after Washington’s 42-24 win over the Packers. “How do you like me now?!”

“Hey, I appreciate you,” McCloughan said, patting Cousins on the chest. “That’s good stuff, man.”

There was a lot for McCloughan to like about Cousins’s performance against the Packers. The franchise-tagged Redskins quarterback outdueled Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers, completing 21 of 30 passes for 375 yards and three touchdowns.

McCloughan and the Redskins will have a decision to make after the season about whether to sign Cousins to a multiyear deal, use the franchise tag on him again or let him leave via free agency. The last option looks increasingly unlikely. Cousins said repeatedly during the offseason that he was “content” playing under the franchise tag and that he wanted to “go out and earn” a long-term deal. After Sunday’s win, Cousins told reporters, “I’m always trying to prove myself and I’m always going to be evaluated as long as I play this game.”

Cousins said last week that he’s usually at his best when he plays with passion.

“I think there’s something to being more stoic, and being very methodical, and that has its benefits as well,” Cousins told 106.7 The Fan. “But I think there’s a fire there and a passion there that you guys saw when I yelled ‘You like that!’ or when I’m playing and competing that I do want people to know about and feel like is there. Sometimes in this market I try to be careful and not stick my foot in my mouth, or do anything that would hurt the team or hurt anybody, but at the same time, there’s a passion there I think I can let out probably a little more than I do, and who knows, hopefully over time it’ll keep surfacing in a positive way and help this team win football games.”

That passion surfaced again late Sunday night, and McCloughan saw it up close and personal.