Much has been said and written about the scheduling of the Redskins’ Thanksgiving game. The quick turnaround after Sunday night’s exciting home win over the Packers, only to play an early road game on Thursday, could possibly put a strain on players.

But Thursday’s 4:30 p.m. start also impacts a much larger group of people — literally every Redskins fan in the Washington area who is eating a Thanksgiving meal.

Seriously. A non-negligible number of people have told me they are rescheduling their Thanksgiving meals around the game, and as someone who grew up with no real NFL allegiance, I can’t decide if that’s normal. Do you try and cram a bunch of turkey in your mouth before the game? Do you fast until 8? Does your gathering have a tacit agreement that it’s totally cool to eat in front of the TV and/or move the TV into the dining room?

A few people on Twitter have shared their plans.

What time are you eating? Let us know in this handy poll, and feel free to expound in the comments.

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