Melo Trimble and the Terps celebrate their win over Kansas State on Saturday. (Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

The two weeks since the first Atlantic 11 poll of the season was released have produced some memorable games, though Georgetown would prefer to forget most of what’s transpired since about the 37th minute of its loss to Maryland at Verizon Center on Nov. 15.

If Arkansas State were eligible for the Atlantic 11 — a bimonthly reader poll of the top 11 men’s basketball teams from among the 27 Division I men’s basketball programs in D.C., Maryland and Virginia — the Red Wolves, who are now 6-1 including their upset of the Hoyas, might receive a few second-place votes.

Virginia retains the top spot in the latest poll, with three fewer first-place votes (49) than points allowed by the Cavaliers’ football team on Saturday. (Much more on that below.) Somehow-still-undefeated Maryland is second, followed by VCU and Virginia Tech, both of which moved up a spot. Georgetown fell to fifth, followed by Richmond, Old Dominion and William & Mary. George Mason is the only one of the final three teams in the poll with a winning record.

To the pith . ..

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1. Virginia (6-0) 490 points (49 first-place votes) | Previous: 1
Wednesday vs. Ohio State, Saturday vs. West Virginia.

On Saturday, Virginia’s football and basketball teams each gave up a season-high 52 points. Sadly for football coach Bronco Mendenhall, the basketball score was more surprising. (Grant Kronenberg)

I’m not sure how long it will be until U-Va’s men’s hoops team holds an opponent scoreless for an entire half, but it will probably happen before the football team does it. (Sean McLernon)

The Cavaliers football team is lobbying university officials to force Tony Bennett to participate in “Take a Defensive Coordinator to Work Day.” (Michael Freeman)

On Saturday, the U-Va. football team allowed as many points as its basketball team. I wish there was a joke in here. (Kate Gaziano)

Can we give the title to U-Va. right now and save some time? (Mike Doughten)

Both of Virginia’s teams held their opponents to 52 points on Saturday. Nothing more needs to be said. (Ted Wheeler)

Memphis transfer Austin Nichols was suspended after just one game. For some reason, Rolling Stone is not investigating. (James Schneider)

For winning the Emerald Coast Classic, the Hoos were given a heart, some courage and a brain. (Matt Ipri)

2. Maryland (7-0) 420 | Previous: 2
Tuesday vs. Pittsburgh, Saturday vs. Oklahoma State

Melo Trimble has been compared to an elite closer in baseball so often that Mike Rizzo is trying to sign him to a long-term deal with a lot of deferred money. (Joey Flyntz)

Two one-point victories and one overtime win has given the Terps a chance to prove they can perform under pressure, and Coach Mark Turgeon a chance that he has the same exceptionally healthy sweat glands of his distinguished predecessor. (Sean McLernon)

Terps missed the memo that the team does not have to win the game in the final seconds. (Jack H.)

Crab cakes, gold medals, and Melo Trimble game-winning OT layups in the finals of the Barclays Classic: That’s what Maryland does! (Brian Hoysa)

Marketing department feverishly trying to get an Italian car branded as “Alpha Romelo.” (Richard Hsu)

Maryland is making a career out of just barely beating teams that just barely get votes in the Atlantic 11 poll. (Mike Doughten)

Melo’s back is starting to hurt now that he realizes he’ll have to carry the Terps in every game. (Matt Ipri)

3. VCU (5-1) 350 | Previous: 4
Next: Tuesday vs. Princeton, Saturday vs. Illinois

Some could argue that VCU finishing fifth in a tournament at a luxury resort in the Bahamas made them a bigger winner than U-Va. winning a championship on the Florida panhandle. (Michael Freeman)

The Rams spent Thanksgiving playing in the Bahamas, which is the best way I’ve heard yet to have avoided awkward political discussions with extended family members over turkey dinner. (Sean McLernon)

After three games in a row on a neutral court, the VCU Rams are feeling downright beige. (Clay Mowry)

A nice 39-point win over Binghamton for VCU. I think Kornheiser could’ve gotten a team of his Littles to represent his alma mater a bit better. (Jared Kotler)

4. Virginia Tech (5-1) 321 | Previous: 5
Next: Wednesday at Michigan

Virginia Tech is taking the “football school” thing a little far with consecutive games against Texas A&M, Nebraska and next at Michigan. (Paul Frampton)

“But football!,” Virginia Tech fans screamed as they saw Virginia Tech settle below U-Va. yet again in the Atlantic 11. (Kate Gaziano)

Buzz Williams gladly co-opted the football team’s old tradition of November collapses by blowing a 17-point second half lead to Texas A&M on Friday. Luckily for Williams, Tech fans did not notice because the football team is good again. (Grant Kronenberg)

Senior forward Zach LeDay recently told a reporter that “Everyone’s just happy we don’t suck,” which really should be printed on T-shirts and given to fans at the next home game. (Sean McLernon)

Still waiting on Virginia Tech to score in the second half against Texas A&M. (Dan Caro)

Given its hoops history, Virginia Tech playing in the Wooden Classic is a little like me going into Le Bernardin with my Golden Corral discount card. (Michael Freeman)

Buzz Williams’s Twitter feed is the Donald Trump Twitter feed of college basketball coaches. (James Schneider)

5. Georgetown (3-4) 251 | Previous: 3
Wednesday vs. Coppin State, Sunday vs. Elon

When Chris Cillizza featured Georgetown’s men’s basketball team in his weekly “Worst Week in Washington” column, you could hear Clinton’s campaign staff let out sighs of relief. (Kate Gaziano)

The Hoyas agreed to extend their series with Maryland providing that all games henceforth will be 39 minutes long. (Michael Freeman)

Pollsters had Georgetown winning Wisconsin as well. (Colin Wilhelm)

With a loss on its own campus to Arkansas State followed by a win over then-No. 13 Oregon, Georgetown’s play this season has been about as volatile and unpredictable as Donald Trump’s Twitter feed. (Sean McLernon)

Was Georgetown’s win over Howard enough to get Cillizza off the roof? (Mike Dean)

The Arkansas State Red Wolves didn’t appreciate getting bumped out of Verizon Center. (Michael Hoffman)

After brutal trip to Hawaii, the Hoyas come home for easy stretch of home games. What could go wrong? (Paul Frampton)

Word is JT3 actually walked into Hamilton right before Mike Pence and Mike Pence was the victim. (James Schneider)

6. Richmond (4-2) 205 | Previous: 7
Wednesday at Bucknell, Saturday vs. Wake Forest

Spiders had the Terps on the ropes until they pulled out the “Curds and Whey” defense. (Paul Frampton)

Splitting games with Maryland and Boston College may have been a less gratifying Brooklyn experience than watching a Spike Lee movie. (Michael Freeman)

7. Old Dominion (3-2) 184 | Previous: 9
Wednesday vs. Dartmouth, Saturday at Towson

Finishing seventh in the Battle 4 Atlantis > Thanksgiving in Norfolk. (Brian Hoysa)

I hope that seventh-place trophy the Monarchs won at the Battle 4 Atlantis in the Bahamas this past weekend wasn’t too big to fit on the plane home. (Sean McLernon)

Given the overall weakness of the Atlantic 11, an overtime loss to Louisville is as strong a December currency as any. (Michael Freeman)

8. William & Mary (3-2) 155 | Previous: 8
Tuesday at Central Michigan, Saturday at Hampton

If you don’t count the two losses against top 10 teams, the Tribe would be undefeated. (James Schneider)

William & Mary covered the spread against Duke, which would be like the Wizards covering against Team USA. Got to give W&M some credit there. (Brian Hoysa)

The Atlantic 11: Making at least a few more people pay attention to November basketball games between teams like William & Mary and Liberty since 2007. (Sean McLernon)

Alternated wins and losses so far this season. Could be a good thing for Central Michigan but not for Hampton. (Paul Frampton)

9. George Washington (3-3) 126 | Previous: 6
Tuesday at Harvard, Saturday vs. South Florida

Averaging 16 turnovers per game this season, the Colonials are having the same difficulties keeping the ball as George Washington had keeping his natural teeth. (Sean McLernon)

First in war, first in peace, and so far, tied for first in the A-10. (Richard Hsu)

Well, that didn’t take long . . . (Joshua Meredith)

10. Towson (3-3) 57 | Previous: 10

Next: Wednesday vs. Goucher, Saturday vs. Old Dominion

After losing to Robert Morris, the team has decided to not light any fireworks during the Fourth of July next year. (James Schneider)

11. George Mason (4-3) 43 | Previous: Not Ranked
Wednesday at Northern Iowa, Saturday vs. Mercer

Kent, Bradley and James Madison: George Mason’s last three victories, or the baritones for an a cappella group? (Joey Harris)

Also receiving votes: UMBC 27, Navy 24, American 17, JMU 5, Norfolk State 5, Hampton 3, Howard 3, VMI 3, Loyola 2, Radford 2, Liberty 1, Longwood 1, Mount St. Mary’s 1.