Kirk Cousins and Rob Kelley celebrate a touchdown against the Packers. (AP Photo/Mark Tenally)

Redskins teammates Kirk Cousins (375 yards passing, three touchdowns) and Rob Kelley (career-high 137 yards rushing, three touchdowns) swept the FedEx Air & Ground Players of the Week awards for their performances in Washington’s Week 11 rout of the Packers. In addition to having a $2,000 donation made in their names to the United Service Organizations, they received a large shipment of barbecue that figures to make their teammates happy and their Thanksgiving Day loss to Dallas just a little bit easier to stomach.

Cousins tweeted a photo on Wednesday of 20 boxes from the Memphis barbecue institution Rendezvous. Appropriately enough, the business, which has been around since 1948 and ships combo packages of ribs and pork shoulder starting at $99, calls home.

FedEx, which is also headquartered in Memphis, uses Rendezvous as a case study on its site for small business delivery options. It turns out the two companies don’t limit their generosity to players who play their home games at FedEx Field. The Dolphins’ offensive line received a shipment of barbecue from Rendezvous after rookie running back Jay Ajayi won Ground Player of the Week for Week 7.

Cousins was asked about the shipment during his Wednesday press conference.

“So, FedEx sent that to Rob Kelley and myself,” he said. “They ended up – smart of them – they said, ‘We’re going to send it to nine other guys who we felt contributed to both the air and ground contributions that day.’ So everybody from the offensive line, to Vernon [Davis] and Jordan [Reed], to the receivers… So there were, like, nine other guys there in that pile of boxes, but we all have a box marked perishable, and I think they put them in the freezer today, so we have got to pick them up on the way out and we’ll have plenty of barbecue the next few days to eat for each of us. But that was a cool bonus. Last year, we won the FedEx Air and Ground a couple times and I didn’t get anything. So it was cool to get something this time, thanks to FedEx.”

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