Virginia guard Kyle Guy dribbles against East Carolina. (Amber Searls/USA Today Sports)

Despite suffering its first loss of the season Dec. 3, Virginia retained its top spot in the Atlantic 11, a bimonthly reader poll of the top 11 men’s basketball teams from among the 27 Division I men’s basketball programs in D.C., Maryland and Virginia. The Cavaliers are no longer the only team receiving first-place votes, however.

Maryland, the first Atlantic 11 team to 10 cupcakes, er, wins this season, remains in the No. 2 position and received a pair of first-place votes. Virginia Tech, winners of four straight, jumped a spot to third and received a single first-place vote. The team Virginia should really watch out for, though, is George Mason, which has won seven straight, moved from No. 11 to No. 6 and received two — count ’em: two — votes as the No. 1 team in the DMV.

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That’ll look pretty foolish if the Patriots go out and lose to Longwood on Monday. To the pith …

1. Virginia (8-1) 504 points (46 first-place votes) | Previous: 1
Saturday vs. Robert Morris

After loss to Mountaineers, must be referred to as East Virginia for rest of season. (Paul Frampton)

Suffered their first loss of the season to West Virginia. Bet you wish that Wheeling Convention of 1861 never happened, right, U-Va. fans? (Chris Olson)

West Virginia winning in Charlottesville was the biggest class-culture upset since Al Czervik bested Judge Smails at Bushwood Country Club. (Michael Freeman)

Technically I’m voting for Virginia, but I’m really voting for Kyle Guy’s man bun. (Sean McLernon)

It was on the hardwood as it was in 1863, with Virginia being unable to meet the demands of West Virginia as the Mountaineers pulled away. (Brian Hoysa)

Looks like U-Va. is prepping for ACC play by scheduling a tune up game against East Carolina — UNC’s D-league affiliate. (Jared Kotler)

Virginia is on an 11-day exam break, but all of Marial Shayok’s professors said they’d let him out of his finals if he promised to spend the entire break shooting free throws. (Kate Gaziano)

Virginia lost to West Virginia. Virginia fans didn’t seem too bothered. They were just relieved that football season was over. (Dan Caro)

2. Maryland (10-1) 422 points (2) | Previous: 2
Monday vs. Jacksonville State

If the Terps are only going to play one good half a game, shouldn’t the Natty Bohs only cost $4.50 at Xfinity Center? (Michael Freeman)

As it often is in the Atlantic 11 poll, an ACC team proved to be just too much for Maryland when they faced Pitt. (Brian Hoysa)

Mark Turgeon wondering who slipped Pitt onto his cupcake non-conference schedule. (Jared Kotler)

Melo Trimble is so good going to his right that Donald Trump is considering him for a cabinet position. (Sean McLernon)

Big win over Oklahoma State for those in the area looking for some sort of red-state victory. (Chris Olson)

Terps in the A-11 driver seat with wins against Howard, American, Georgetown, Richmond, St. Mary, and Towson. Too bad this isn’t a real conference. (Michael)

3. Virginia Tech (8-1) 409 points (1) | Previous: 4
Saturday vs. The Citadel

The selection committee really has its work cut out for itself this year in designing an excuse that will keep Virginia Tech out of the tournament. (Andy Minor)

Quite a “buzz” about the Hokies this year. They seem to have the “will” to win. “I am s”orry for this. (Chris Olson)

Playing — and beating — quality opponents in December is very un-Blacksburglike. (Michael Freeman)

The Hokies are pretty good for a team coached by a man who shares a name with a prominent cartoon astronaut. (Sean McLernon)

Tech moves to 1-1 in the SEC West with their victory over Ole Miss. (Ted Wheeler)

As a U-Va. grad who lives in Richmond, I’m used to being annoyed when the (clearly homer) voters in this poll consistently ranked Maryland over clearly superior U-Va. or VCU teams through the years. I’m guessing that this season Hokie fans will also get to experience that thrill. (Jake Leffler)

Have beaten Maine, Michigan, Nebraska, New Mexico and Mississippi. Five states down, 45 to go. (James Schneider)

Rumor has it DNC staff called Virginia Tech head coach Buzz Williams for tips on how to come out of Michigan with a win. (Kate Gaziano)

4. VCU (7-3) 328 points | Previous: 3
Saturday vs. Middle Tennessee

For someone purporting to represent the commonwealth, VCU guard Doug Brooks sure does steal a lot. (Chris Olson)

Virginia Commonwealth took down Old Dominion to win the coveted to the Weird Nicknames for the State of Virginia Trophy. (Sean McLernon)

The Rams turned the ball over faster against Georgia Tech than they do tables at the nearby Waffle House. (Michael Freeman)

Overcomes 27 points by ODU’s brothers Stith; finally gives me something to rhyme with pith. (Adam Anthony)

5. Georgetown (6-4) 293 points | Previous: 5
Saturday at Syracuse

How do you measure progress at Georgetown? Instead of losing to Elon, they hung on for a three-point win! (Jared Kotler)

Georgetown gets a week off before the big Syracuse matchup. Surely enough time to mentally prepare their deer in the headlights look when they step onto the court and see a zone. (Paul Clifton)

Huge wins over Howard and Coppin State move their record against the Atlantic 11 to 2-1, and that’s what it’s all about, right? (Chris Olson)

After a near-loss to the Elon Fighting Christians, er, Phoenix, the Hoyas are on the path to redemption. (Michael)

With a matchup against Syracuse looming, the Hoyas have a chance to remind us they exist. (Brian Hoysa)

Four-game win streak has people almost forgetting about home losses to mid-major teams. Almost. (Paul Frampton)

6. George Mason (8-3) 218 (2) | Previous: 11
Monday vs. Longwood

The Patriots being good again makes me nostalgic for 2006, back when our leaders believed in climate change and fake news meant a hilarious story from The Onion. (Sean McLernon)

Mason takes down Northern Iowa in the “Teams You Never Want to Face in the Early Rounds of the NCAA Tournament Classic.” (Jared Kotler)

I asked my Magic 8 Ball if the Patriots were good, and it said, “Cannot predict now. How can you lose to Towson and Mount St. Mary’s but then turn around and beat Penn State?” Wow, Mattel is getting really specific this Christmas. (Chris Olson)

George Mason has impressive back-to-back wins at Penn, Penn State, PenFed Federal Credit Union, and Colonial Penn Life Insurance. (Andy Minor)

Forget building new roads into the MGM Casino; if George Mason continues this seven-game win streak, the area’s real traffic problem will be getting to the Patriot Center. (Michael Freeman)

George Mason can attribute their surprising victories in Pennsylvania to assistant coach Kellyanne Conway. (Ted Wheeler)

“Not one. Not two. Not three. Not four. Not five. Not six, but seven straight and counting.” – LeBron James regarding George Mason’s return to dominance. (Jake Legere)

George Mason has won seven in a row, including back-to-back wins against Penn St. and U Penn. Watch out Bic, you’re next. (Clay Mowry)

I don’t know if Dave Paulsen told his team that Santa Claus is watching or what, but this seven-game hot streak has been impressive. (Brian Hoysa)

7. George Washington (7-4) 167 points | Previous: 9
Thursday vs. UCF

Four of six games against schools from Florida. Good thinking: Get these contests in before the state is under water. (Chris Olson)

Before Saturday, George Washington hadn’t dined on so much Bison since his time as a soldier in the French and Indian War. (Adam Anthony)

George Washington beat Temple last week in Philadelphia, after what I can only hope was a dramatic crossing of the Delaware River. (Sean McLernon)

8. Old Dominion (5-4) 156 points| Previous: 7
Next: Sunday vs. Georgia State

The Monarchs have won at Towson, at Richmond, and over St. John’s in the Bahamas, which suggests they have a bit of an imperialist streak, if you ask me. (Sean McLernon)

Back-to-back losses to Rams (Rhode Island and VCU) has them feeling sheepish in Norfolk. (Paul Frampton)

Only scored 39 points in a loss to Rhode Island, America’s most you-know-only-one-fact-about-us-iest state. (Chris Olson)

9. Richmond (5-4) 134 points| Previous: 6
Saturday vs. Texas Tech

The Spiders have now lost three straight to Bucknell, adding fuel and frustration to a rivalry no one knew existed. (Michael Freeman)

That the Spiders coaching staff hasn’t recruited and signed a player named Peter Parker seems like a big missed opportunity. (Sean McLernon)

Speaking of Richmond, who’s excited for the 2017 governor’s race? I can’t wait to see an adult campaign run on the issues. (Chris Olson)

I’d drop Richmond more, but it’s hard to find Atlantic 11 teams that have been winning. (Ted Wheeler)

10. UMBC (7-2) 49 points | Previous: Not Ranked
Next: Saturday vs. Towson

Crushing Messiah by 39 points seems like a most unChristmaslike thing to do. (Michael Freeman)

A 7-2 start and an adorable canine mascot? That’s enough to earn my Atlantic 11 vote. (Sean McLernon)

11. William & Mary (3-4) 32 points | Previous: 8
Friday vs. Milligan

The Tribe is undefeated at home and winless on the road. Any chance they can move the CAA Tourney to Williamsburg? (Brian Hoysa)

William and Mary plays a game against D2 Milligan College this week. If only they could take a mulligan on the last few games instead. (Jared Kotler)

Dropped out: Towson
Also receiving votes: Towson 28, American 15, James Madison 11, Loyola 6, Navy 4, Radford 4, Liberty 3, Howard 2, Longwood 1.