Bryce Harper married his longtime girlfriend Kayla Varner in San Diego last month and the happy couple has posted several photos of the festivities on Instagram over the last three weeks. On Wednesday, Harper shared a video from his wedding day, which includes the Nationals outfielder’s overjoyed reaction to seeing Varner in her white dress for the first time.

The video is set to Tim Halperin’s “Forever Starts Today,” which could double as the soundtrack for the five weeks between now and when Nationals pitchers and catchers report to spring training on Feb. 14.

There was some debate in the office about Varner’s shoes, which, to be honest, I hardly noticed the first time I watched the video. (I must’ve been distracted by Harper’s hair, the beautiful temple and Ian Desmond.)

“Let’s talk about how great her shoes are,” one colleague wrote.

“See, I was a little disappointed with the shoes,” another colleague chimed in. “You are marrying Bryce Freaking Harper; show a little pizzazz.”

I have no opinion about Varner’s shoes, but did you notice Harper’s jacket lining? He’s got a thing for custom jacket linings and he outdid himself this time with photos from the couple’s engagement photo shoot. Two thumbs up.

But seriously, is it spring training yet?