After Tom Brady and the Patriots capped off the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history on Sunday night, the Redskins announced in an Instagram post that the “2017 season starts now.” Patriots Coach Bill Belichick would probably argue that the Redskins’ 2017 season should’ve started five weeks ago, when Washington was eliminated from playoff contention, but that’s not what’s notable about the post, which caught the eye of Redskins receiver DeSean Jackson.

2017 season begins now. We are all 0-0. #HTTR

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Note the players featured in the image: Josh Norman, Trent Williams, Kirk Cousins, Jordan Reed and Ryan Kerrigan. They’re all among the Redskins’ biggest stars, but one of these players is not like the others. (Perhaps you’ve heard that the guy in the middle isn’t under contract for next season.)

Is this the best evidence yet that when Redskins President Bruce Allen tells reporters “Kirk’s going to be our quarterback,” as he did again last week, he truly means it? That’s to be determined. Reed was the only player featured in the team’s post-Super Bowl post last year.

Meanwhile, Jackson commented on the Instagram post, and suggested that the Redskins forgot to include him in the image. “Forgot bout @OneOfone,” he wrote, referencing his username, followed by the 👀 emoji.

“We love you @OneOfone,” the Redskins replied.

While Jackson is due to become an unrestricted free agent and his future in D.C. is in doubt, Cousins’s inclusion means the Redskins didn’t restrict the image to players who are guaranteed to be with the team in 2017.

Williams commented on the image, too. “Yea @redskins do it over and [include] @OneOfone like asap,” the team’s Pro Bowl left tackle wrote.

Does Jackson being excluded mean he’s not in the Redskins’ plans for next season? And what about Pierre Garcon and Chris Baker? It’s honestly probably best not to predict what will happen this offseason based on five players featured in an Instagram post the day after the Super Bowl, but it would be something if Cousins leaves a comment to the effect of, “Hey, why am I in that image, guys?” Keep your 👀 peeled.