If and when Kirk Cousins signs a long-term contract with the Redskins this offseason, the quarterback may have a new catchphrase at the ready, assuming he’s perfected it by then.

During his week in Houston ahead of this year’s Super Bowl, Cousins spent some time with Frisbee trick shot artist Brodie Smith. They filmed a video on behalf of Visa in which they took turns throwing footballs and Frisbees through hula hoops that had been tossed in the air, trick shots that were reminiscent of the Precision Passing mini-camp drill in old versions of EA Sports’ “Madden” video game.

Afterward, while discussing Cousins’s catchphrases over the past two seasons, the quarterback revealed he has a new one “in the shop.”

“I’ve been known to say ‘You Like That,’ Cousins told Smith. “You know, ‘You Like That!’ Or, ‘Ooooooweeee.’ Or even the latest one was, ‘How you like me now?!’ But one I’ve been working on, it’s in the shop right now, this is the first time anyone is going to see it, give ’em a little BINGO! BANGO! BONGO! BAZINGA!”

Cousins stood up and punctuated his (potentially) “Big Bang Theory”-inspired new celebration with a Gronk Spike.

Now, part of the beauty of Cousins’s previous displays of emotion is that they were unexpected and seemingly spontaneous.

“It’s just organic, it’s natural out of the emotion coming off of a big win,” Cousins said in November of his ‘How you like me now?!’ moment with GM Scot McCloughan. “That’s what comes out, just like ‘You like that?’ or any of the other stuff that’s been put out there.”

The best catchphrases aren’t workshopped. This is sort of like Lacey Chabert’s character in “Mean Girls” trying to make “Fetch” happen. Still, it would be something to see Cousins break out “BINGO! BANGO! BONGO! BAZINGA!” after threading the needle in practice, finishing his next good book or signing with the Redskins.

The catchphrase talk begins around the 1:10 mark of the video below.